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Ok, so before I get yelled at for not being a good blogger this week, let me go ahead and say that my computer has been giving me HECK. Well, its not so much my computer as it is FireFox. Apparently the latest version doesn't like me. Anyway, I have been trying to get this blog post up all week, but due to said problems, I haven't been able to blog from my computer. Thankfully my hubby is letting me use his computer so I can finally get this post up and going. :)

Now its time for the pictures!

I met Jonita and her two boys downtown last week for some picture taking fun! I loved that they allowed me to use them for some much needed practice. :) I always enjoy taking pictures and the learning that comes along with it, but what I really enjoyed this time was getting to know Jonita and her her boys a little bit better! I hope you enjoy your pictures, Jonita! I had fun hanging out with your sweet family!!

Did I mention that Jonita is one of the nursery workers at our church? Well, she is. And my son LOVES her. He even includes her in his list of friends that he plays with at church! My son is very picky about his friends, and the fact that Jonita is on that list speaks very highly of her. :)

This is Jonita's oldest son Joseph. I was a bit nervous about photographing a teenager during his spring break, but he was SUCH a good sport. He even convinced me that he was enjoying the whole process, and for that I am grateful!

And this is Jonita's youngest son Fredrick. He is the most polite and well behaved ten year old that I have met in a while. (Talk about a breath of fresh air!) It is hard not to crack a smile when you are around this kid!

Oh, and he kind of likes basketball. (And by "kind of" I mean he REALLY likes basketball!) So we made sure to get a few pictures that demonstrate his mad skills. :)

We also had to make sure to get a picture of mom with each of her boys!

And last but not least, a final picture of the fam. :)

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you have a great weekend!!

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Hey everyone! I usually don't post on the weekends, but I took some pictures of of our friends earlier this week. And I wanted to show you a few. :) I would like you to meet our friends Matt and Shelley. I went over to their adorable home on Wednesday and took some Christmas pictures of them and their dog. We all had a great time... except for their dog who was being gift wrapped. :) Hope you enjoy your pictures, guys!!

Shelley's parents were in town for the week, so we made sure to have them jump in a picture or two!

Remember I mentioned their dog? Well... this is Francis. Francis and I haven't known each other for very long, but I could probably write a short novel (or at least a decent sized pamphlet) on his hilarious and ridiculous personality. Believe you me, this dog is quite the character!

That's all for now! Everyone should be so proud of me for posting on a Saturday. This is truly a once in a lifetime experience. :) Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Facebook is a fabulous thing. I have been able to keep up with old friends, new friends, borrowed friends... you get the picture.

Last week I met up with a friend from high school. She was in town for the Thanksgiving holidays and asked me to take pictures of her adorable children. Thank you facebook, for providing the means to find and keep up with said friend. And thank you Brittany for letting me take pictures of your two precious kids! They were just as sweet as could be. :)

Here is "J". He is two years old and has a bit of an obsession with trains. He showed me some of his favorites while I was over. I have to admit, they were pretty stinkin cool! :)

This is "I". She is just the most adorable four month old EVER. She did not stop smiling for me the whole time I was there. I could just eat her up!!

This next picture makes me want to have a little girl this very moment. *sigh*

Well... better get to work! Hope everyone has a great rest of the day! :)

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Last Thursday Zachariah and I went out to a friends house and took pictures of her newest family member. He is seven weeks old and just about the sweetest baby ever! I had a lot of fun taking his pictures, but this is pretty much the only good one I got...

HA! Just kidding. But I thought it was hilarious, so I had to put it up here. :) Here are a few more from our visit!

And this next one is my absolute favorite!

Until next time...

The T-I-M and Nan! PDF Print E-mail

Here are some pictures I took last week of our friends Tim and Nan and their cute little dog. I won't write too much because Nan will just end up skipping over this anyway. But I wanted to at least introduce you all. :)

Ladies and gentlemen... Tim and Nan!

I will give a Milk-Bone to the canine lover who can guess the dogs name. :)

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