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A couple weeks ago I met some of our friends at a local park to take some pictures of their daughter Ariana who just turned two. They are some of the sweetest people, and I love being able to take pictures of their family each year.

But wait! This year I was not alone. I had an assistant!

This is Haley. A while back she asked if she could come with me on my next photoshoot in hopes of learning some stuff about photography. Well, it has been FOREVER since I actually did a photoshoot (something about adding another baby to the family really cramps my picture taking style), but when Corrie and Cris asked me to take pictures for them I made a mental note to drag Haley along. I don't know if she knew what she was getting into, but I definitely got some good use out of her! :P I'm not sure she learned anything, but she was very helpful, so I am very glad she came along!

Now onto the pictures. Ariana was fabulous and so patient with me. She was quite the little entertainer too! I won't go into too much detail, but I will say that there was a major dance party going on in the park that morning. :)

Cris and Corrie, I hope you enjoy the pictures!

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Sweet little Emma Grace.


Emma Grace Is Here! PDF Print E-mail


We are so excited about the arrival of our new god-daughter!! She is a healthy 6lbs 8oz and just as cute as can be! I have known her for less than two days and I already love her to pieces. Here are a few pictures!










Welcome to the world, Emma Grace. We are so excited you are finally here! :)


Nan is pregnant! PDF Print E-mail

No, this is not a figment of your imagination. I am actually posting in the photography section of my blog! It has been forever and a day since I have done a photo shoot (I think the last one was while I was pregnant with Micaiah. And I think it was my own kid's three year old pictures. lol) Needless to say I am very glad that our friends Tim and Nan gave me an excuse to dust off my camera last weekend! Tim and Nan are expecting their first baby (its a girl!!!) next month so we headed out to Radium Springs to take a few pictures of them and the belly. I have very little experience photographing pregnant bellies so I greatly appreciate their patience with me!

Love you guys! Hope you enjoy the pictures. :)















Stay tuned! Sometime in the next few weeks we may have a baby post coming up! :)

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Last week I got an iPhone.

The very first app I downloaded was Words With Friends. The second app was Instagram.

I absolutely love it. It's free, it's fun and because of the cool filters offered it makes cell phone photos looks super cute. Win-win-win!

Since I am slacking on for real deal blog posts here recently (the calibration issues are still haunting me) I have decided to do an Instagram post and show you my favorite pictures that I have taken with my phone over the past couple days. If I keep up my Instagram obsession I will probably be doing one of these posts at least once a month!

Another reason I like Instagram is because I no longer have to bring out my Canon every time I want a decent looking picture. No the quality is not as great, and they probably wont print very well. But you know what? It is still a picture. And if I would have brought out my "for real deal camera" for these pictures I would have had to change the lens, make sure the memory card was in there, adjust the ISO, aperture and shutter speed, adjust the lighting and THEN snap the picture. By then I would have missed these moments my phone captured so wonderfully.

So yeah. I am a huge Instagram fan. Check out the cuteness....


My gorgeous firstborn.



My sweet baby taking an Easter nap on Daddy.




Bed time Bible story with the boys.



Z checking out Daddy's new office.

(It's a work in progress. If you want to see some before/after pictures go here.)



My sweet baby sleeping again.

(This was at our Easter get-together with our church family.)




My boys sitting together in the rocking chair.

(Precious much? Yes. I think so.)



And my big boy riding his bike.

(Side note: How did he get big enough to ride a bike (with training wheels of course)?! I mean seriously. This is ridiculous.)


And that, ladies and gentlemen, concludes my first Instagram blog post. Stay tuned next month for more cuteness from my iPhone! :)

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