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A couple weeks ago Zachariah came running into the house yelling "Mom! Mom! You HAVE to come see this! There is a chrysalis in our backyard!" And sure enough, underneath a beam on our back fence, there was this gorgeous green chrysalis. I couldn't get over how pretty it was. A week went by and there was no change to the chrysalis, but on the second week we started seeing a change in the color. It was darkening up a bit and we were able to see a pattern on the inside. It was quickly very clear that we were looking at the butterflies wing! We started checking on it twice a day, just to make sure nothing major was changing. Zachariah wanted desperately to see that butterfly when it came out!

During this waiting period we did a little bit of research and learned about the changes a caterpillar goes through in the chrysalis to become a butterfly. We knew what to look for and it was SO cool to see it all happen! A couple days later the color of the chrysalis changed from green to a blue-ish black and it was getting more transparent. A day later we started noticing air pockets, which meant that the butterfly was starting to separate from the chrysalis. From that point on we checked on it every couple hours. Sunday morning I checked on it before we left for church and I noticed MORE air pockets. After lunch that day I went out to check on it again and BOOM. This is what I saw.

Unfortunately we missed her emerging from the chrysalis, but we were able to watch as she dried her wings and prepared to fly for the first time. It was SO incredible to watch.


From everything I have read, but butterflies usually stay on the outside of the chrysalis for around three hours drying their wings. Her wings were looking pretty dry when we got out there, so I am guessing she had been out for a good two hours.


She would walk around a little bit and stretch her legs, then rest. Zachariah was absolutely fascinated by this whole thing.




After about 15 minutes she climbed to higher ground and started opening and closing her wings.


It was really cool to see how dark orange and wet the inside of her wings looked! But she would open and close them repeatedly to get them to dry.


Is she not gorgeous?! Goodness.

I am so incredibly glad we got to witness this amazing process. Researching it all and then seeing everything happen... it just left my jaw hanging wide open. The process a tiny caterpillar went through to become this beautiful butterfly is truly amazing and quite complicated. God is just so awesome. I am just tickled pink that we were able to see this through till the end.

Anyway. I just wanted to share our excitement with you all. :) We have quite the busy week ahead of us, but we are looking forward to all the family fun that awaits us! I hope you all have a yummy, safe and fun Thanksgiving!

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