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I love having a garden this year. It is so nice to be able to go pluck a banana pepper off the plant when I need one for dinner. I love watching my green bean plants grow and I enjoy planting new seeds and anticipating their growth. Gardening is just fun. Frustrating at times. But fun!


Another perk to having a garden is all the insects it attracts. Dragonflies eat a variety of insects, and so they hover around our garden quite a bit. We see THE prettiest dragonflies out there. The boys have named the four regulars that hang around our garden, and this blue one up here is particularly friendly!


This is Skyfly and he is the only one that will sit around for my photoshoots. The other ones I have to be real quick to catch, but this dude enjoys the camera and company of the boys. (As long as Micaiah isn't threatening to kill him.)


This is Green Hornet. He is my favorite, and he usually doesn't stick around for pictures. But earlier this week I got lucky! He had just caught his lunch and was munching away on it.


It took him a while to eat, so he would fly around and land several different places to enjoy his meal which allowed me time to take his picture. It was very cool watching him eat.


See that bug hanging out of his mouth? The boys were in awe.


I can't wait to go back out there with my camera again. I love having these beautiful garden friends around!!!

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