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It has been a WHILE since I have taken pictures for people. Ever since we have embarked on this homeschooling journey I have not found much time for learning and improving my ameture photography skills. So I try to leave it to the professionals (there are SEVERAL wonderful for-real-deal photographers here in town) and don't take pictures for other people much. Unless of course close friends ask. :) And when they do I am always very excited to dust off my camera and try my hand at this photography thing again!

Last week I met up with Caleb for some senior pictures. We have known Caleb and his family for over four years now, and we love them to death! Caleb has a younger sister who is good friends with Zachariah, and they are HILARIOUS around each other. Think old married couple. :P Anyway, Caleb is a senior (which blows my mind) and I had a lot of fun trekking around downtown with him, his awesome mom and his sweet friend! I could do more babbling about how he is a great kid and super fun and all that jazz, but he wants to see these pictures, so I will just shut my yapper and get to the good stuff. :)










Thanks for roaming around downtown with me and being such a trouper, Caleb! I enjoyed it!

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