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Seeing as how my baby turns 14 months old today, these one year pictures are obviously a little late. My in my defense... well, never mind. I really have no good excuse other than I kept thinking he would stay 12 months old forever. Once I realized he was halfway through his 13th month, Z and I headed out to do a very last minute mini session. Zachariah being my assistant, obviously. :)

I am sure most of you know (or at least assume) this, but taking pictures of a walking one year old is REDONKULOUS. It's not necessarily a calm or relaxing process. The 30-45 minutes we spent walking/running/reading/playing around seemed like days. I was having to run everywhere, to attempt to bribe Mr. Daredevil with a favorite toy or book to walk back to me and NOT run into the river. And with Z not being so much a helper, but more of a tree climber/distracted by every piece of pine straw on the ground... well, it made it a bit more stressful. Taking pics of M while looking back and making sure Z is not burying himself in a pile of pine straw under the tree AGAIN was not exactly my cup of tea. Oh, and let's not forget that the clouds were constantly moving that day. Shading us from the sun, then immediately exposing us to the sun. Shading, exposing. Shading, exposing. So I had to be on top of my camera settings CONSTANTLY. Which was fine. But it was just another thing to add to the stress of keeping an eye on Z while trying to capture Micaiah's cuteness. Whew! I oh-so-admire my photog friends for doing this for a living! Talk about exhausting work!

Anyway, enough rambling. Despite the frustrations of that afternoon, we made it out alive. And what I thought was a total wash of a mini photo session turned out to be pretty satisfactory for my amateur self! Needless to say, I am very glad to finally have these pictures of my baby!


Obviously his bear had to be in most of these pictures. He doesn't go anywhere with out it!





Brown Bear is Micaiah's most favorite book right now. He will grab it off his shelf, bring it to me excitedly and say "bown ber? bown ber?". Cutest.thing.ever.




Here was one of the times Z stopped wallowing in the pine straw and helped me. :P Micaiah was having trouble with his book, so Zachariah went over to help him turn to the desired page. Then started pointing out the animals to him. Sweet, sweet brothers.




This is one of my favorites. It is SO him. My sweet, thumb sucking, bear cuddling baby.

He melts me.

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