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Thursday, 13 October 2011 09:54

The other week we read/learned about the moon in our Berenstain Bears Big Book of Science and Nature. To add to the learning experience we decided to go outside once it got dark to observe/talk about/draw the moon. (Lesson plan suggestion... wish I could say I came up with that idea on my own.)


Z was PUMPED about going to look at the moon and kept looking out the window to see when it was dark enough. Once we put Micaiah to bed we grabbed a blanket, sketch pad and pencil and set up camp on the grass. Then we looked up in the sky and tried to find the moon. And we kept looking. It didn't take us long to realize that the moon was hiding from us (Zachariah's words). Darn new moon! You think I would have checked on that before we decided to do this fun little activity, huh?

Ah well. Z drew what he thought the moon looked like and then we chilled out on the blanket and looked at the stars. Except most of the stars we saw ended up being satellites. But it didnt matter, because Z was just thrilled to be outside past his bedtime. :)


So anyway, we had to call it a night and I promised Zachariah that we would come back out and draw the moon when it decided to show up again. One day last week as we were leaving Mimi and Poppie's house Z started jumping up and down and pointing in the sky. Sure enough, the moon was out and looking quite lovely! So after we got home we changed the boys into their pj's, put Micaiah to bed and headed outside so Z could draw the moon. :) He was so cute. The time outside was spent talking about going in a spaceship to the moon, the satellites that are in space with the moon and airplanes that have a blinking lights that look like stars.


Here is his drawing of the moon and it's craters. :) Which is actually a pretty accurate drawing, because the moon was not quite yet a full moon so it did not look like a complete circle to him.

So there it is. A couple weeks past our "lesson" on the moon, but we finally got to go outside and draw it!

Yay for fun lesson plans! :)

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Monday, 26 September 2011 21:30

I am seriously considering deleting my facebook account.

All of you folks need to jump on the Google+ bandwagon. It's where all the cool kids are at.

I am eating this amazing delicious peach sorbet right now. I kinda wish I would have bought a pint of each flavor at Publix today. Soooo yum.

I love the show Parenthood. If you are looking for a new tv show to watch choose this one. It is SO good. Such a great cast and the show deals with real life issues. I just love it so much.

I am procrastinating doing so many things right now. This house is a wreck, I have a photo shoot to finish editing, I have baby food to make, laundry to fold and sleep to catch up on. But instead I am here writing this ridiculously pointless blog post. Score one for me!

Just in case you were wondering, another show you should watch is Psych. We are finally catching up on Season 5 via netflix. Hilarious.

Speaking of tv shows, Daniel got me hooked on a show called The IT Crowd. It is a British comedy for nerds (not appropriate for all ages in case you are wondering) and it is flipping hilarious.

I make my own baby food. Micaiah has quite the apatite, and along with nursing he eats 4 cubes of baby food per meal. And he could probably eat more. I have been making a lot of baby food. And boy am I tired.

I am totally digging the new Pandora. Much better than the new facebook.

I wear glasses now. Don't know if I have mentioned this yet, but it's true. I am officially a glasses wearer. And I loooove it. I have wanted glasses since I was 8 years old, so I was a tad bit excited when everything started becoming blurry and I realized I needed to go see my eye doctor. Ha!

I am making a new recipe tomorrow and I am pretty excited about it. They are called Lemon Crinkle Cookies. I'll let you know how they turn out!

We are introducing Zachariah to Star Wars this weekend! Zachariah has become obsessed with all things Star Wars and he has never seen a movie! Guess it's a boy thing. Anyway, we are watching Episode I this weekend and we are all so pumped about it!

Z got quite a few great toys for his birthday and I really want to show them to you. If I can get my rear in gear I will do a review post on some of them so you can go out and buy these things for your kids for Christmas. :)

That is all for now. I will be back in a couple days to blog a recent photo shoot. Stay tuned!


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Wednesday, 21 September 2011 13:57

Today has been a very bad homeschooling day (if you can even call it a homeschooling day). My lack of patience has always made me doubt my homeschooling abilities and today my patience hit rock bottom and I just threw in the towel.

You see, I bought a numbers workbook so Z could start practicing his numbers. I told myself that it was just for practice and it was no biggie if he didn't actually learn how to write them perfectly, but in reality I just assumed he would pick it up rather quickly and he would complete the book in the first 10 weeks. I assumed it was going to be simple. I don't know why I thought that, but I did. We did numbers 0 and 1 the first two weeks and he did GREAT. I was pumped. But then we got to two and he didn't do so great. Then we tried three and he did even worse. So I decided to spend this week reviewing two and three and I attempted to make it more fun.

This morning we took it outside and started going over our numbers with sidewalk chalk. I figured that playing with sidewalk chalk had to be more fun than writing in a workbook with a pencil. Apparently sidewalk chalk and school are not supposed to mesh. Zachariah didn't want to write a two or a three with the chalk. He didn't want to let me help him. He wasn't being rebellious or disrespectful, he honestly had NO interest in doing it. He just wanted to draw for fun. I don't know why that pissed me off as much as it did, but I flew off the handle. Something in me snapped and I just threw in the towel for the rest of the day. And then I tried to guilt him. I told him that since he can't cooperate and do the FUN activity I had planned that we were not doing school today. I stomped around the house and talked to him with an attitude for the rest of the morning.

I was mad at him. I was mad because he didn't want to do what I had planned, but I was also mad because he wasn't able to write the numbers two and three. I went into this school year very confident that he would be able to learn to write his numbers, but he hasn't really grasped that concept yet. Some numbers are just too hard for him to "get". And I got mad the very moment I realized that he was just not getting it.

Who does that? Who gets mad at their kid for not knowing how to write the number three?? Good grief, he is only four! Why on earth did I try to make him feel bad for not knowing how to write his numbers? Isn't the whole point of school to LEARN?!

This morning I felt defeated, but now I just feel stupid. I should not have reacted like that. I should not have made him feel bad for not knowing how to write his numbers. I should have been ok with the fact that he is just not ready for certain things. But instead I yelled at him and held a grudge for a few hours. Thank goodness Zachariah is quick to forgive. Thank goodness he doesn't hold a grudge. Because if anyone had an excuse to be mad it was him.

I knew this homeschooling thing was going to be a learning experience for the both of us, but I really had no clue I would be showing my ugly side only five weeks in.

I don't exactly know how I am going to make it to the end of the year with even a fraction of my sanity in tact, but I feel quite sure that this whole homeschooling experience is going to do wonders for my prayer life!

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Monday, 31 January 2011 22:59

1. I am huge. Simple, necessary tasks (ex: walking. simply walking from one end of the house to another) are a chore these days.

2. My braxton hicks contractions are getting painful. Which leads me to believe that I wont last long without an epidural this go around! :)

3. I went to the doctor today. I am making very little progress as far as birthing this kid is concerned. Last week I was almost 2cm dilated. This week I am just barely 2cm dilated. Ah well. Two more weeks till my due date! So he isn't coming super early... no one stays pregnant forever, right? RIGHT?!

4. I want to make this pineapple pie. I just need to have myself invited over to someones house so I can share it and not have the whole thing sitting in my fridge begging me to eat it. Because I will. I have no self control when it comes to food. Especially while pregnant!

5. Speaking of being pregnant, did you know that I am going on my 800th week of pregnancy? Well, I am.

6. And no, I am not a drama queen.

7. I am working on a blog post about our homeschooling and what exactly I do with Zachariah on a weekly basis. For some reason I cant seem to concentrate on that post though, so I decided to come on over here and make a random list post.

8. I have also started a post about how Zachariah hates to color. I don't know exactly why I am choosing to dedicate a whole post to that, but for some odd reason I am. I just don't have the mindset to write about that either though. I am a bit ADD tonight.

9. Why do people say things like "I am a bit ADD tonight?" ADD stands for attention deficit disorder. It doesn't make sense to say, "I am a bit attention deficit disorder tonight." And now the more I think about it, the more I think that I am the only one that misuses that acronym. How embarrassing.

10. I have the greatest Pandora station ever. While I have been typing this post I have heard Billy Joel, Guns N Roses, Queen, Styx, AC/DC, Kansas and The Rolling Stones. Perfection!

11. My husband is so fabulous. For the past month, due to the fact that I am 800 weeks pregnant, he has been going to the grocery store for me. And now, since walking seems to kill me, he is running just about all my errands for me. Without complaint. Oh, and he does the dishes twice a day. Once in the morning before he goes to work and then again on his lunch break. I heart him.

12. Zachariah was looking through old pictures today and came across some of his first birthday party. He got very upset about the fact that he was all messy from eating his cake and very seriously told me, "Mama. I WANTED a fork." I tried to explain to him that babies don't use forks and eating cake with your hands is just a fun thing to do on your first birthday. He didn't seem to care and I am pretty sure he is holding a grudge against me for depriving him of a utensil to eat his birthday cake with two years ago. Sheesh.

13. My eyes are kinda burning so I am going to take that as my cue to go to bed.

Catch ya on the flip side!


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Friday, 28 January 2011 09:49

I know you all are probably tired of reading about Zachariah and nursery's and my random pregnant emotional state, but we have a couple new additions to the nursery and I wanted to show you. Because, you know, they are cute additions and worth sharing. One day I will get back to posting in the photography and cooking section of my blog, but lately I have been a bit distracted with baby stuff!

Care to see the goods?


First up we have a lamp. My mother in law gave this to me at my baby shower last weekend and I just love it. It is the perfect size and color and everything for this nursery. We were going to put up a shelf in corner of the room to put it on, but for now it works pretty nicely on the dresser!



Next up we have a SUPER cute laundry basket. Another shower gift from my wonderful mother in law. :) It actually matches our bedding (which you can see here) and it is a perfect accent for the nursery! I am just loving how this room has come together!



Lastly we have a diaper bag! Which is not technically part of the nursery, but that is where it is hanging out right now so I decided to include it.

I got this diaper bag in the mail yesterday and I am just SO excited about it. I was having some real issues deciding on a diaper bag for this baby and I am incredibly pleased with my decision! The diaper bags I used for Zachariah were just too big. I mean, they were pretty much suitcases. Which was great, because I packed anything and everything just to walk to the mailbox! Ah the life of a first time mom. Since I am hoping to be a bit more compact this go around I wanted something smaller, but not tiny. I wanted something stylish, but not over the top. This messenger bag definitely fit the bill. Here is the etsy shop I got it from, so go check it out! She has some other cute messenger bags, ipad cases and gadget type cases.

So, those are the newest additions as far as the nursery is concerned. We are only waiting on one more thing to make the nursery complete! :)

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