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Monday, 22 November 2010 20:45

Hello and welcome to my new website!

I am so, so, so glad to finally have this thing up and running. Blogger has treated me well but seeing as how my husband is a graphic designer and designs websites for a living, it kinda seemed silly for me to be using a plain ole blogger template when I could have a pretty awesome looking site. :)

Feel free to browse around and check things out! I havent had time to move all my old posts over here yet, but they will be here sometime in the near future. I am slowly but surely working on it! It just takes some time for me to transfer over 600 posts. If you are looking for something in particular the search bar is at the top right hand of the screen, so just type in what you are looking for and you are good to go! Again, if some recipes, photography posts or vaccine posts dont show up yet just be patient. It will take time. My other blog will remain "live" for a while, it just wont be updated. Feel free to go back there to look for old posts, but that blog will NOT be updated anymore.

I was going to type out several paragraphs pointing out the nice tabs at the top and I was going to explain how each time I post a new post it will appear on the home page AND under the appropriate tab, but I honestly just want to get on with this whole website launching thing, so I am just going to leave it at that once sentence. :) Everything is pretty self explanatory, and if its not feel free to ask!

Till the next post...

Amy Lynn

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Thursday, 28 October 2010 23:58
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Zachariah had his friend Jack over to play today. We have had play dates at his house quite a few times, but because I am a slacker of a mom it is the first time in their year long friendship that I have had him over to play. Needless to say, Zachariah was VERY excited about the whole thing!

We had a great morning that was filled with playing and play-doh making and because of the rainy day, some movie watching. The movie of choice? How To Train Your Dragon. I think the boys bonded over their love for the movie. They had each seen it before, so it was cute to see/hear them telling each other about what was going to happen next. :)

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I don't think they could have been any cuter.

So yeah. We had a fun little play date today! And if I am not mistaken, the boys have already planned for our next play date to take place at the zoo! :)

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Tuesday, 12 October 2010 00:22
Zachariah's playroom was previously located in the last available bedroom in the house. We will obviously need that for a nursery in a few months, so we decided to turn our closed in carport (aka: our miscellaneous room) into a playroom! Since it used to be a carport, the room is pretty spacious. Which makes for a perfect playroom! Click here to see Zachariah's old playroom (which will become the new nursery here in a month or so).

It made for a nice playroom. It really did. But I am VERY glad that we were able to move it into a bigger space. I LOVE that everything is less cramped and there is room for lots and lots of play in this new play room!

Wanna see? Because of the largeness of the room and the lens I had on my camera, I was not able to get a full shot of the room, so I have several pictures. You will just have to piece it together in your mind. :)

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Looking in from the kitchen, this is half of the room.

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And this is the other half of the room. Just in case you were wondering this is my favorite corner of the room. The papasan chair is where I plop in the mornings to eat my breakfast/try to fall back asleep while Z is playing. :)

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To the left of that brick step is the back door. And if you walk up that step you will be walking into our kitchen. It is GREAT to be able to keep an eye on/interact with Z while I am cooking.

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This toy organizer is my new favorite thing. It doesn't hold all of his toys, but it sure holds a lot of them. Every toy has its place and Zachariah is OCD enough to want to keep it all neat and tidy. Fabulous!

And this is our school/art corner. Those containers hold everything from school workbooks to play-doh. I LOVE having everything all in one place!!

Anyway, that is the quick tour of the new playroom. I am beyond thrilled with the space. I know kids don't need a playroom, and I doubt our kids will always have one... but while we have one I am enjoying the heck out of it!
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Thursday, 23 September 2010 00:25
On the night of Zachariah's third birthday we threw away his paci's. It was a sad moment for him, and it took him well over 2.5 hours to fall asleep that night. But it has been over a week and he has done really great.

Well, except at nap time.

We have always had a bedtime routine that we follow. As he gets older we have tweaked it a bit, but for the most part it has stayed the same. Change into pj's, brush teeth, sit on the bed while dad reads a bible story, lay down and cuddle with mom and dad for a minute or two (which usually involves a bit of giggling), then we say our goodnight's and leave. The routine is something we all look forward to and I love that we have it. I think it helps him get in the mindset that sleep is coming. He knows what to expect when we start doing these things, and because he knows bedtime is coming he doesn't protest or argue about it.
I am realizing that we need to start doing the same thing with nap time. In the past we would change his diaper, tuck him in bed and leave. His paci would put him to sleep in no time. We never really needed a routine. But now it is very apparent that we need one. He has only napped once since we threw the paci's away.

Once in nine days!

Help me Rhonda.

Anyway, to make a short story long, we have started a nap time routine in hopes of getting those coveted nap times back. Part of this nap time routine involves story time, and let me just say that I am loving it. Especially when Daniel is here. (He will generally schedule his lunch break so he can be home and eat with us, play with Z for a bit and then be able to be here to see him off to his nap. Is that not wonderful?) Because we both like to read to Z we split the reading up evenly. Z likes for Daniel to read his book(s) on the edge of the bed and he likes me to read laying on his pillow with him. :)

I don't know if this new nap time routine is going to help at all, but I sure do love reading with my two boys!

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