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Wednesday, 19 January 2011 22:10

It dawned on me the other day that I have yet to show you guys the baby's nursery. Shame on me! Lucky for you, after I finished tidying up/putting baby clothes in the dresser I got out my camera and snapped a few pictures for your viewing pleasure.

You are most welcome.


On one side of the room you will see the crib... (Yes, I am well aware that I am being Captain Obvious right now. Let me be.)


Is this bedding not adorable? I love it. And Zachariah picked out that puppy dog for his baby brother a few months ago. So sweet!


And on the other side of the room you will see the glider and dresser. And a crazy-go-nuts three year old. :) The dresser is identical to the one we bought for Zachariah and we love it! Besides the fact that it is made of real wood (yep. you read correctly. No particle board for us!), it is just a very practical dresser. The top is a good size to use as a changing table (which is a must since this room is a bit on the small side. There is no way we have room for a dresser and a changing table!) and the drawers are the perfect size for, well, everything!


The top two drawers are great for burp cloths...


and diapers. Wipes will go in this drawer as well, but I am not that on the ball. I have kinda forgotten about needing wipes. Oops!


The bigger drawers are obviously going to be used for clothes. The top drawer will be the size that he is wearing now (or will be wearing. Which is newborn) and the second drawer will be the next size up (0-3 months). Then every time he goes up a size I will change out both drawers! How great is that? I kinda did the same thing with Z and it worked wonderfully.

I don't know why I just told you that. I am sure you didnt care about the organizational system of my baby's drawers. Sheesh.


So yeah, along with the clothes, blankets will also be stored in this wonderful dresser. Oh how I love me some baby blankets! I seriously cant get enough. I have had some major self control during this pregnancy and haven't bought a SINGLE baby blanket (or clothing item at that!). Yet. I can tell you with all seriousness that the longer this baby stays inside of me, the more shopping I will be doing! I think it's only fair, don't you?

Anyway, nothing too exciting, but there it is! We need to get some artwork on the walls and a lamp and laundry basket in there, but besides those little bitty things it's pretty much finished!

I think it's a pretty cute nursery as is, but man alive is it going to be flat out ADORABLE once this sweet baby is in it! I can't wait!!! :)

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Monday, 10 January 2011 14:26

- We had an ice "storm" last night. Well, not really. It rained and the rain froze. Because this is the south and we get very little winter weather, everyone is pretty much acting like its the end of the world.

- Our power went out. At 7:00 this morning I heard a loud noise and then our power shut off. A lot of the city had power outages due to the ice, but guess what? It's 2:00pm and it is STILL not back on. Seven hours later and our power is still out! Needless to say, after two hours of sitting in a non-powered house Zachariah and I trecked over to my parents house. Luckily they live close and my mon had the day off! So we have been camped out over here for a while. Thank goodness for living close to family, because it was getting cold in that house!!

- The power outage has killed my prodoctivity for the day. Believe it or not, and I wouldnt blame if you if you didnt, I actually had a list of productive things I wanted to do today. Reorganizing my pantry, putting baby clothes in the dresser (which we just picked up Friday. Woot!), washing a load or two of laundry (which I have a load in the washing machiine just sitting there waiting to be dried as I type), organizing/washing baby blankets and burp clothes and sheets, organizing baby toys, finishing the photobook of Zachariah's first year, blogging a worthwhile post. I actually had a list! And yes, truth be told I probably would have spent most of the day camped out on the couch watching movies with Z, but I would have at least accomplished one or two things off my list at some point!


Hopefully the power will be back on by tomorrow so that I can get started on my to-do list! Hope all of you who live around here have made it through the trechorous ice storm that threatened to shut down our whole city. :)

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Monday, 20 December 2010 22:00

All of you who are last minute Christmas shoppers, you need to listen up! If you need to buy a gift for a little boy ages 3-8 years old, then I have got THE perfect gift for you! Well, it might not be the perfect gift if said kid doesn't like airplanes, but if you don't have a fear of airplanes to worry about then you should be good to go with this toy!

We love, love, love Imaginext. They make THE best toys on the planet. (Again, maybe not THE best toys, but pretty darn close.) Their toys are ridiculously durable and super fun. They are great for imaginative play and seem like such a great grow-with-you toy! (Hence the 3-8 age range) All that to say, when buying an Imaginext toy I really feel like I will be getting my money out of it. I dont feel like I am throwing money away on a toy that Z will grow out of or break within a few months. This stuff will last.

Wanna see Zachariah's current favorite Imaginext toy?


This is the Sky Racers Carrier. (Given to Z on his birthday by his Mimi and Poppie. Thanks Mimi and Poppie!!!) Which is what we like to call the aircraft carrier. Since Zachariah loves airplanes this toy was a major hit with him! It comes with everything you see here. Two planes, two pilots (complete with airmen suits), buoy blasters, flying discs, landing flags... the works.

Allow me to show you around the toy a bit.


These are the buoy blasters. When the buoy's are loaded you just press down on that big red button and off they go!


This is the carrier tower. There are eight discs that can be loaded into the tower and when you launch the carrier tower the discs come shooting out! Z always gets a kick out of trying to secretly aim it at us. Nice, huh? :)


See, here is a disc. And please, for the love of everything holy, ignore my treacherous nails. I have cut them since this picture. I promise.


There are several activation points on each Imaginext toy. One of the activation points on the aircraft carrier is the plane elevator!


With a little turn of the activation point the plane goes down, down, down.


And at the bottom is a storage area for the plane. Cool? Yes, I think so.


Another activation point is the runway. It conveniently expands for takeoff at the turn of a dial. And the plane that is on the runway? That is the Tiger Airplane. (Which happens to be Z's favorite). The Tiger Airplane does not come with the aircraft carrier. It is sold seperately. But that is what I LOVE about Imaginext. They have SO many add-on's for their toys for reasonable prices! I think this particular plane was $10. Its pretty cool. It has a trigger in the back that makes the Tigers mouth chomp. :)


Oh, and here is the elevator. Right now we are waiting for a crew member to come up...


Aha, there he is!


And apparently he is not to happy about having to steer the carrier. Suck it up dude!


So yeah. Buy this toy. Or any of the other Imaginext toys. We also have the Ocean Boat, which Zachariah loves almost as much. :) I will try to show you around that toy some other time though. For now I am off to go fold laundry. (Aka: watch TV while my husband folds laundry. Muahahaha!)

Happy last minute shopping! :)

We Are The Dinosaurs PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 03 December 2010 10:33

Two months ago I told myself I would blog about Zachariah's most awesome toys he got for his birthday, but I kinda forgot. So I am now going to attempt showcase a couple of his favorite birthday toys and maybe you can use them for gift ideas for Christmas! If I go so far as to blog about a toy, it is worth buying. Just so you know. :)


dino land

The first toy I will be showing off this super cool dinosaur land! Now, you are going to have to imagine it without the train tracks. Those are not in any way a part of this toy, but on this particular day Zachariah decided to take his trains on a tour of dino land, so I had no choice but to include them in the pictures. :)

Three things you should know. 1) The dinosaur play set comes in several, several pieces. But as long as you follow the diagram its pretty easy to put together. 2) The ultra cool dinosaurs pictured do not come with the dinosaur play set. They are sold at the same store, but they do not accompany the set. 3) This is not made of flimsy plastic, it is made of wood. It will stand the test of time. Or toddler. Pick your poison.



dino land

The dinosaur playset has three different levels. As you can see, there is a top level (which is obviously where the pterodactyl builds its nest), a secondary level (which is where most of the dinosaur socializing goes on) and the ground level (which is where most of the napping/eating/hide and seek games happen).



dino land

On the bottom level there are several, several cubbies and door way type things. This is the main entryway to the dino land. And Zachariah would want me to go ahead and introduce his dinosaur friends to you as they appear, so this is Troy. Troy the triceratops.



dino land

Next to the main entry way is a nice little cave. If you go in far enough you will be able to find some cool dinosaur fossils in the dirt! I am not sure how the current dino's feel about that though. I imagine it's not one of the most popular conversation topics amongst the prehistoric creatures.



dino land

And here is a cute little cave window! I don't think this dinosaur has a name. And if it does it changes daily. I think I heard Z calling it "the green dinosaur" this morning. Nice.



dino land

There are several little corners and trees for the dinosaurs to play behind. Z loves that. It seems that no matter what location his dinosaur is in, it can always find a nice little place to hide. :)

Oh, and this is Stegosaurus. Creative huh? Z actually named this one. He is one of the only dinosaurs that Zachariah calls not by name but by species.



dino land

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is Roar-Roar. Cute little baby t-rex! This was the very first dinosaur Zachariah named and it is by far his favorite. If he didnt flat out tell me that this was his favorite, it would be pretty obvious by the favoritism he shows Roar-Roar. No other dinosaur got a train ride around the dino land. And thats all I am going to say about THAT.



dino land

And this is Roar-Roar's Mommy, Wendy. Wendy happens to be the second dinosaur Zachariah named. And why he named the most fierce looking dinosaur Wendy, I will never know. But alas, he did. And he is quite proud of his T-Rex mommy and baby team. :)



dino land

The long and short of this post is to say that this dinosaur play set gets rave reviews from this 3 year old and this 3 year olds parents! A big thanks goes out to Nana and Pops for gifting Z with this fabulous toy and dinos! :)


Note:You can find the play set and the set of dinosaurs (that are sold separately) at Toys R Us in the Animal Planet section.


Weekend Recap PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 29 November 2010 11:04

- Per our usual, we had two Thanksgiving gatherings this year. One with Daniel's family on Thanksgiving day and one with my Mom's extended family the Saturday after Thanksgiving. We saw lots of family and had so much yummy food! I ate. I ate a lot. And you know what? It was COMPLETELY guilt free. Being pregnant during Thanksgiving is pretty much awesome.


- My sister came over and took a few snapshots of us for our Christmas card this year. We were going to hire a photographer and have our yearly family pictures done for our card, but we are waiting until Baby Titus Number Two is born to have that photo session. Anyway, we managed to get a picture that works pretty great with our card that Daniel designed, so I am a pretty happy camper!


- Daniel and I did a little bit of Christmas shopping (NOT on black Friday though *shudder*). We didn't purchase a whole heck of a lot, but we were able to shop around and try and figure out what exactly we wanted to get Z. (We have been trying to find some good train tracks and a digital camera for Z. Both happen to be ridiculously difficult to find at a decent price.) It was very nice to be able to go and see the stuff and then talk it through with Daniel. I am horribly indecisive so it really helps to have my husband there to help shop!


- We rearranged Zachariah's room a bit. I will take a picture eventually, but it looks even MORE like a big boys room now. *sniff sniff* He and I were talking about his bed and one thing led to another and he said he wanted it moved away from the wall. So we moved it. Which led to us moving his dresser as well! So yeah, his bed is now in the middle of his room as opposed to up against the wall and it has been fabulous. He has only fallen off once, and he has told me several times that he "loves his bed like this." :)


- We made some MAJOR progress on the nursery. Well, that wasn't technically this weekend. I guess it was last weekend. But some of it happened during the week, so with the long weekend my days have been running together! Regardless, the nursery has been worked on. Most of the painting is done, the crib is up and the bedding will arrive sometime this week! All we have left is to tape off and paint a stripe on the wall and then a few touch ups. Oh, and to find a changing table/dresser that we like/is what we are looking for. But we have a few months, so I am not too worried about that.


- Oh, and we also decorated for Christmas this weekend, but that is another post for another time. This post is simply here to serve as a filler until I get the pictures off my camera and onto my computer for my Christmas decorating post. :)


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