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Wednesday, 30 April 2014 10:00

Man alive, it is quite the dreary week. So.much.rain. Rain makes for the most unproductive days around here! I swear, I sat by myself in the boys room just staring at the wall procrastinating EVERYTHING. That was short lived due to arguments that broke out and a baby that needed my attention. But still.

Anyway. Due to this unproductive rainy day, I am going to show you some pictures of my parents new puppy!

Well, new-ish. They got her quite a few weeks ago. Her name is MoneyPenny (Penny for short) and she is PRECIOUS. The older boys and I went over just a couple days after she had been home and I couldn't help but bring my camera. Zachariah loved her (and she ended up falling asleep on his lap), but Micaiah was a wee bit terrified of her. He was afraid that she was going to eat his shoe, bit his jeans, slobber on his arm... you name it, it was a concern. He later confided in me that he prefers big dogs because they are nicer. ;)



She is 9 weeks old now and I am itching to get back over there for some puppy snuggles!

Hope you enjoy your Wednesday! If you are in the rainy south, try to stay dry!

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