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Monday, 05 March 2012 08:35

For the past goodness-knows-how-long I have been talking about wanting/needing to wake up before the boys. My mornings would go a whole lot better if I would just wake up an hour before they did and have some time to myself. Be able to shower first thing, read and study the Bible, pray... time to just be alone. A little bitty amount of time without a little one requiring my constant attention is something I dream about often. And once in a blue moon when the kids sleep in later than usual, I get about a half hour to myself. And it is HEAVENLY. When that happens my mornings are great, my day is wonderful and I find that I have an unreal amount of patience to get me through the day. But those days are only once every blue moon. So the other 362 days out of the year I am left with very little patience and find myself getting frustrated and losing my temper before 8:30am. Which is fun for absolutely no one in this house.

That being said, I decided that, starting today, I would wake up at 6am. I would wake up and read and pray and shower and start my day off with a bang. And I did. But it didn't go quite as planned. My alarm was louder than I would have liked, so I was immediately frustrated. My husband wakes up around then as well, so he was in and out of the room trying to find a pen to write with, and that annoyed me. (Just about any movement in the hallway wakes up Micaiah in the mornings. Blegh.) Then once he got back to the bed and started reading/writing his breathing was annoying me. Seriously, Amy Lynn?!? Breathing?? Good grief. Those things combined with a couple other frustrations made me realize that I probably need to be completely alone and not speak to anyone in the morning until I have had this alone time.

So I head out to the living room. It's cold. But the closet with the blankets is on the same wall as Micaiah's room. So I just get a bathrobe and snuggle up with that. Then I start to read. I am starting to read through the book of Micah, and I am pretty excited about it! Daniel got me a nice little commentary book on a few books of the Bible and I am very excited to use those along with my reading. But as soon as I got to verse two in chapter one, THE most obnoxious bird decided to sit right outside my front door and chirp. And sing. Loudly. It was beyond distracting and I found myself wishing bad things on this little bird who actually woke up in a good mood. So I read while in a bad mood. I prayed in a bad mood. Then Zachariah woke up early and my time was gone.

I woke up cranky. And annoyed. And frustrated. And I continued to be cranky, annoyed and frustrated. Not exactly the start to my morning I had hoped to have. But I'm going to try again tomorrow morning. And the next morning. And the next. Because you know what? I need this time. I need this time to gather my thoughts. I need this time to pray and to study Scripture. It has been SO long since I have consistently set aside time to spend with The Lord and I miss it.

So I will be trying a few different things to hopefully improve my morning time. I am sure it will be a trial and error process to figure out the best way to do this, but I am looking forward to getting this ball rolling! Feel free to share what works for you if you feel so inclined. I will try to keep y'all posted on what ends up working and not working at a later date!

Now, I am off to call the pediatrician's office for the 100th time in two weeks. I am pretty sure Zachariah just broke his toe. *sigh*

Have a good Monday everyone!

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