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Thursday, 13 October 2011 09:54

The other week we read/learned about the moon in our Berenstain Bears Big Book of Science and Nature. To add to the learning experience we decided to go outside once it got dark to observe/talk about/draw the moon. (Lesson plan suggestion... wish I could say I came up with that idea on my own.)


Z was PUMPED about going to look at the moon and kept looking out the window to see when it was dark enough. Once we put Micaiah to bed we grabbed a blanket, sketch pad and pencil and set up camp on the grass. Then we looked up in the sky and tried to find the moon. And we kept looking. It didn't take us long to realize that the moon was hiding from us (Zachariah's words). Darn new moon! You think I would have checked on that before we decided to do this fun little activity, huh?

Ah well. Z drew what he thought the moon looked like and then we chilled out on the blanket and looked at the stars. Except most of the stars we saw ended up being satellites. But it didnt matter, because Z was just thrilled to be outside past his bedtime. :)


So anyway, we had to call it a night and I promised Zachariah that we would come back out and draw the moon when it decided to show up again. One day last week as we were leaving Mimi and Poppie's house Z started jumping up and down and pointing in the sky. Sure enough, the moon was out and looking quite lovely! So after we got home we changed the boys into their pj's, put Micaiah to bed and headed outside so Z could draw the moon. :) He was so cute. The time outside was spent talking about going in a spaceship to the moon, the satellites that are in space with the moon and airplanes that have a blinking lights that look like stars.


Here is his drawing of the moon and it's craters. :) Which is actually a pretty accurate drawing, because the moon was not quite yet a full moon so it did not look like a complete circle to him.

So there it is. A couple weeks past our "lesson" on the moon, but we finally got to go outside and draw it!

Yay for fun lesson plans! :)

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