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Friday, 28 January 2011 09:49

I know you all are probably tired of reading about Zachariah and nursery's and my random pregnant emotional state, but we have a couple new additions to the nursery and I wanted to show you. Because, you know, they are cute additions and worth sharing. One day I will get back to posting in the photography and cooking section of my blog, but lately I have been a bit distracted with baby stuff!

Care to see the goods?


First up we have a lamp. My mother in law gave this to me at my baby shower last weekend and I just love it. It is the perfect size and color and everything for this nursery. We were going to put up a shelf in corner of the room to put it on, but for now it works pretty nicely on the dresser!



Next up we have a SUPER cute laundry basket. Another shower gift from my wonderful mother in law. :) It actually matches our bedding (which you can see here) and it is a perfect accent for the nursery! I am just loving how this room has come together!



Lastly we have a diaper bag! Which is not technically part of the nursery, but that is where it is hanging out right now so I decided to include it.

I got this diaper bag in the mail yesterday and I am just SO excited about it. I was having some real issues deciding on a diaper bag for this baby and I am incredibly pleased with my decision! The diaper bags I used for Zachariah were just too big. I mean, they were pretty much suitcases. Which was great, because I packed anything and everything just to walk to the mailbox! Ah the life of a first time mom. Since I am hoping to be a bit more compact this go around I wanted something smaller, but not tiny. I wanted something stylish, but not over the top. This messenger bag definitely fit the bill. Here is the etsy shop I got it from, so go check it out! She has some other cute messenger bags, ipad cases and gadget type cases.

So, those are the newest additions as far as the nursery is concerned. We are only waiting on one more thing to make the nursery complete! :)

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