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Friday, 20 July 2012 13:15

It feels like it's been quite a while since I last updated this. I'm sure its just been a week or two, but not too long ago I was updating this three times a week! If it makes you feel any better, I have two blog posts almost ready. I just have to, you know, finish writing them. But I have the pictures up and ready to go so that counts for something, right?

My birthday was yesterday. I turned 27 years old. I had a really good day. Zachariah woke me up EXTRA early (before 7am is early to me, ok?) because he was so excited about giving me the gifts he had picked out. :) I spent the morning relaxing and snuggling with my boys, then Daniel came home soon after lunch and entertained/took the boys so I could just chill for a couple hours. It was GREAT. Then we had dinner at my parents house where my Mom made a ridiculously yummy shrimp extravaganza! We probably had over half a dozen different shrimp dishes. It was awesome. I ask for this type of meal every year (because shrimp is my FAV) and she somehow changes it up and finds new recipes each time! Impressive. And delicious.

Oh, and I have decided that I won't categorize myself as being in the "late twenties" until next year. Hope that is ok with everyone. Because I am kinda still in denial about the fact that I am older than 23.

The school year is approaching rather quickly. Which is fine, because I am looking forward to starting our first-official-for-real-deal homeschooling year. (Yes, last year was official. It was preschool and we had a curriculum that we stuck to for the first half of the year. But this year is going to be much more organized and planned out and just... official.) We are going to be apart of Classical Conversations and we are SO pumped about it. I really think it is going to be a great fit for Zachariah. I will do a more detailed homeschool post about what all we are doing as it gets closer to the beginning of school, but for now I am just trying to get my act together and get organized! I'm also trying to plan out how to keep Micaiah entertained while I teach Z. So that will be fun. :) I actually have some ideas, I just have to think through a little more. I will let you know how it all pans out!

I am in a mild depression about our house STILL being on the market. Depression isn't the right word though. It's more like a funk. I just want to be done trying to sell our house and I want to be in a new one. If for no other reason than all of our furniture is turning against us and deciding to fall apart. No joke. A couple months ago our couch broke (flat out broke. A beam snapped and it was no longer usable.) so we threw that one out and borrowed my brothers. But his was ALREADY broken, just in a different way. So it's usable, just not comfortable. And our kitchen chairs are on their last leg. They are all wobbling and about to fall apart, which is lovely. And then Sunday evening our bed broke. That's right. The bed broke. A board on the side of the bed split in half. (Yes, yes. I know. Go ahead and make funny jokes about WHY the bed broke. My husband will join right on in. lol) We have had all of this furniture since we got married (going on seven years now), so I am totally fine replacing some of it. But we were wanting to wait until we were in a new house before we started replacing everything we owned! What fits in this house will not necessarily fit in the next house as perfectly. The dining room table we are wanting is too big to fit into our kitchen in this house. And seriously, the bed was not supposed to break yet. It was supposed to hold up until we were ready to buy a whole new bedroom suit. So now we are going to have to try to get something that matches all of our bedroom furniture, and that is just annoying. ANYWAY. I am just bummed. Our house has been on the market since February and it doesn't look like anything is going to happen any time soon. And since I'm stubborn and want to wait till we move to buy new furniture you may find us sleeping on an air mattress, eating on the floor and watching tv on only couch cushions. So don't be alarmed. :P

Thanks to Shutterfly, I have been in the photo book making mood here recently. I made a book from our family photoshoot pictures last year, which I am excited about. It should be arriving today! And I am currently in the process of making a 2011 family photo book. I try to make one every year, but so far I have only made one for 2007 and now this one. So, I have some catching up to do. But it's fun and I enjoy it. It also makes me want to ball my eyes out looking back at pictures of my babies last year. They have grown SO much! Makes me so sad. And glad. But more so sad, because time is slipping away too quickly.

I need to go do some more school planning while Micaiah is still taking a nap, so I am off. Just wanted to stop by and let everyone know I am alive and well. Sorry for the picture-less post. I'll be back next week with some pictures of my boys, I promise!

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Thursday, 05 July 2012 14:38

I love the beach. All of us do. That is one reason we LOVE summer. Summer time equals beach visits! It's the only way to justify being outside in this nasty heat, and it has been ridiculously hot this summer. Thankfully, this past weekend was our annual Titus Family Beach Vacation with Daniel's family!

Rather than give my typical post beach-trip recap, I'd like to dedicate this post to highlighting my eldest child. You see, less than a week before we were scheduled to leave for the beach, Zachariah fell off our bed and broke his arm left arm. (He's left handed, by the way.) The doctor put him in a full-arm cast and said that a "waterproof" cast was not an option due to the location of the break.

Needless to say, this made the idea of going to the beach quite intimidating, but we decided to tough it out. We prepared ourselves and the rest of the family for the whining, complaining and temper flares that may come from our one-armed son. These, in my opinion, would have been totally justified. I mean, the kid is going to the beach with a non-waterproof cast. He can't swim in the pool and can't play in the ocean. Those are two of the main reasons you go to the beach!

We bought what turned out to be a massive cast cover to try and help keep the cast dry, but he still wouldn't be able to submerge it.  We wanted him to at least be able to come out of the condo every now and then! As you might imagine, the cast cover leaked. So we wrapped his cast in a cloth diaper to absorb any water before it got to his arm. It worked well enough--not perfectly, but well enough to get in the water.

OK, with all of that being said let me make this clear: He hates his cast. He just hates it. He will often look at us, fighting back tears, saying that he just wants to bend his arm. He will get so frustrated at his limitations that he will even pull at the cast in hopes of freeing himself. In defeat he will sit in my lap and just cry. He doesn't like his cast. It is uncomfortable; it hinders his play and his everyday life.

Despite it all, do you know how many times he whined, lashed out or broke down about this inconvenience? Zip. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Every now and then he would quietly express his frustrations to me or Daniel but never around anyone else. He chose to have a good attitude about it. We didn't tell him that he needed to keep his whining to a minimum. We didn't tell him to hide his feelings from anyone. The only instructions we gave him was, "Have fun and don't get your cast wet." He was a good sport about it all on his own.

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Thursday, 21 June 2012 20:27

Micaiah is 16 months old, and he is still breastfeeding. That fact makes some people nervous. It makes some people uncomfortable. It grosses some people out. But it is what it is. I am breastfeeding our toddler, and it is perfectly normal to do so.

Thankfully I have a few friends who have nursed into the toddler years, so I don't feel all alone in this. But I know that there are people (friends, family, people on my social networks) who don't quite understand why I am breastfeeding past the age of 12 months, so I figured I would write a blog post about why... for those who are interested!

It should be noted that I have not been harassed or condemned by any friend or family member for continuing to nurse Micaiah, but before I had children I thought toddler breastfeeding was a bit odd and, quite frankly, just plain creepy. So I thought some information might help people understand a bit more why Daniel and I choose to take this route. It should also be noted that neither of us look down on those who do not choose to breastfeed their toddlers. Heck, Zachariah didn't even nurse for this long. This is is just what we feel is best for Micaiah. :)

Surprisingly enough, a lot of people think breastfeeding is only appropriate during infancy, but that is absolutely not true. In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that “Breastfeeding should be continued for at least the first year of life and beyond for as long as mutually desired by mother and child … Increased duration of breastfeeding confers significant health and developmental benefits for the child and the mother … There is no upper limit to the duration of breastfeeding and no evidence of psychologic or developmental harm from breastfeeding into the third year of life or longer.”1

And the American Academy of Family Physicians recommends that breastfeeding continue throughout the first year of life and that “As recommended by the WHO, breastfeeding should ideally continue beyond infancy, but this is not the cultural norm in the United States and requires ongoing support and encouragement. It has been estimated that a natural weaning age for humans is between two and seven years. Family physicians should be knowledgeable regarding the ongoing benefits to the child of extended breastfeeding, including continued immune protection, better social adjustment and having a sustainable food source in times of emergency. The longer women breastfeed, the greater the decrease in their risk of breast cancer.” They also note that "If the child is younger than two years of age, the child is at increased risk of illness if weaned.”2

Now, I don't know what I think about a child nursing until the age of seven (Well, yes I do. I think that is crazy-old to be nursing. To each his own I guess.), but I find it very comforting and affirming that it is supposed to be the norm to breastfeed until age two. Which, just in case you were wondering, is how long I plan to nurse Micaiah.

Nursing a toddler is a lot different than nursing an infant. Toddlers aren't on a schedule and they don't necessarily need/want as much as an infant. Just because Micaiah is still breastfeeding does not mean that I am nursing him around the clock and that I can't be away from him for an extended period of time. Micaiah generally nurses three times a day, and if we have a busy day and aren't home as much he nurses less than that. When we were at the beach with my family a few weeks ago we were busy going to the pool, down to the beach and whatnot, so for the most part he only nursed when he woke up in the mornings! Toddler nursing is more when-they-need-it as opposed to a predictable, timed out thing. I go out with friends, I am able to have date nights with my husband, and if needed I could probably spend the night away from Micaiah without him completely coming unglued. Though I won't make any promises on that one yet since he is pretty set on nursing when he wakes up for the morning! :P

I'm sure you can find more if you Google it, but listed below are just a few of the benefits to nursing a toddler:

  • Gives an extra nutritional boost to your toddler. Experts believe that the composition of breast milk changes to adapt to a toddlers nutritional needs. (But nursing should not get in the way of meals and snacks, and you should still serve healthy nutritious foods!)
  • Provides protection from illness. Breast milk will continue to enhance your toddler’s immune system so that he’s less prone to colds, ear infections, allergies and other common ailments. And even if he does get sick, nursing will help to comfort him. In fact, breast milk may be the only thing he can keep down on an upset tummy. (And for the record, besides an episode of strep - I still have no idea HOW he got that - Micaiah has not so much had a single ear infection or cold/allergy issue. He has had one runny nose his entire 16 months of life, and that only lasted for 24 hours.) 3
  • Provides a boost for your toddlers memory. Studies have found that the longer and more frequently a toddler breastfeeds, the "smarter" he’s likely to be thanks to the omega-3 fatty acids, or DHA, that are unique to breast milk. 4
  • Breastfeeding is not only good for babies/toddlers! Mom's receive benefits as well! breastfeeding can reduce the risk of certain cancers (breast, ovarian, uterine and endometrial) and help you maintain a healthy weight since breastfeeding toddlers takes energy (and burns calories). Breastfeeding also reduces the risk of rheumatoid arthritis, cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis.


Anyway. That's all I've got for you right now. It's past my bedtime. If you want to know anything else please feel free to ask! I am ok with personal questions, and I am not offended that people think toddler breastfeeding is weird. I think eating onions is weird, so to each his own. :P

Oh, and in case you want to read about common myths related to toddler breastfeeding, go here. I wanted to address these but my eyelids are protesting.

Tune in next week for some updated pictures of my kiddos! I got my rear in gear today and took some much needed pictures of the boys!

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Monday, 04 June 2012 20:30

Last weekend we took a nice (read: horrible) long drive down to Cocoa Beach to spend a couple days vacationing with my family. My parents, sisiter, her boyfriend and my youngest brother were all there! The only one we were missing was Wesley, who has been spending his time in Japan trying to find a Japanese wife while simultaneously serving in the Air Force. :P

Despite the drive being so gosh awful (7 hours in a car with a screaming 15 month old. Yeah. Be jealous.), the overall vacation was quite enjoyable! Micaiah pretty much stayed in the sand (save one trip to the waters edge to collect shells with my Dad) and Z stayed in the ocean. Both of the boys had an absolute blast!

I have a lot of pictures to go through and edit, but I started working on them this afternoon and thought I would share a few with you while I had a moment.

Enjoy. :)


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Wednesday, 16 May 2012 15:38

So, I know I'm a couple days late on this, but I had a great Mother's Day!

When I got in the car to head to church Sunday morning I found this in my seat. This cutely wrapped gift had a gift certificate for a for-real-deal massage. I am so pumped. I have NEVER had a for-real-deal massage before! Yay for thoughtful husbands!! :)

But even if I had not had received that sweet gift, Mother's Day would have still been great. I taught the kiddos in Sunday School that morning and we made cute little tulips with a secret message written on the inside for Mom. (Tutorial is right here, just in case you were interested. They turned out super cute!) After church we went to my grandparents house and celebrated with my side of the family. (The evening before we celebrated with Daniel's family!) It was a nice day.

I am so thrilled and honored and blessed to be the Mama of these two boys. Words cannot adequately express how much I love these munchkins!!

Hope all of you Mom's had a great Mother's Day as well!!

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