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Monday, 07 November 2011 08:06

I am currently obsessed with shopping for wooden toys. I have spent a quite a few hours this weekend searching Etsy for Christmas gifts for Micaiah, so excuse the brief post. I have got to get back to my wooden toy search. It is way too much fun!

I have recently had a few people ask me for recipes and it made me realize that my recipe section of my blog has been severely neglected. So, I apologize for that. But goodness, it is so difficult for me to remember to take pictures while I am cooking. Usually I have a baby on my hip or crawling around at my feet and a preschooler running laps around the kitchen to see how quickly he can get on my last nerve, so adding the camera to my chaos doesn't even cross my mind. But lucky for you all I am an avid Instagram user and have taken pictures of some of the recipes that have made it into our regular meal schedule!

So here is the first (and possibly only) installment of My Current Favorite Recipes.


1) First up we have a breakfast item. I don't have a whole heck of a lot of time to make breakfast for myself, but a couple times a week I will scramble some eggs after the boys are done with their breakfast. I loooove cheesy scrambled eggs. My tummy is rumbling just thinking about them!

Here is the link to the cheesy eggs recipe.

And in case you wanted to know, I don't add chives and I use Monterrey, Jack and Colby cheese instead of Parmesan.


2) Next up is soup. My husband is not a fan of soup (mainly because its not a hearty meal), but he really doesnt like the taste of most of them. You see, soup usually contains lots of veggies and he doesn't like most of the veggies that would be in a typical soup. He is a pretty picky eater. But broccoli is one of the veggies that he really enjoys, so I decided to try my hand at making broccoli soup! He really enjoyed it, but was hungry an hour later. So he still declared that soup should not be counted as a "meal" but gave the soup two thumbs up for taste! :P

Here is the link to the Broccoli and Cheese Soup.

And for obvious reasons I left out the carrot and onion. Still turned out great!



3) One of our new favorite vegetable dishes is Cauliflower Gratin. It is SO good. The combined flavors of freshly grated Parmesan cheese, heavy cream, nutmeg and homemade breadcrumbs all on top of cooked cauliflower? YUM. Though now that I think about it the heavy cream probably cancels out anything nutritious that you may be eating in this dish. Ah well... It's delish!!

Here is the link to Cauliflower Gratin.



4) And don't even get me started on this next dish. This Chicken Parmesan is RIDICULOUS. Easy to prepare and oh-my-gosh-so-good. Daniel seriously thanks me all through dinner every time I make this. Our tummies just get so happy. It is just perfect served on top of some angel hair pasta! Please give this recipe a chance. I had never made Chicken Parmesan before and this was just SO easy. And have I mentioned how wonderful it tastes? Yeah. It is heavenly.

Here is the recipe for Chicken Parmesan.



5) Now is time for a dessert favorite. And just for the record, this is by NO means my favorite. I can't eat them because of all the dairy that is in them, but everyone else seems to drool over them so I think it is safe to blog about. :) These are fairly easy to make, but a little time consuming. You gotta let it chill in the fridge for a couple hours then cut into bars, then decorate with chocolate, THEN let it chill again. But it's worth it. I usually chill the first time overnight that way my whole afternoon is not consumed with these things. It makes a lot, so do NOT make these if you are going to be at home alone for a weekend. You will have zero self control and your tummy will hate you the next day. These are rich!!

Here is the recipe for Oreo Cheesecake Bites!


That's it for now, folks. Let me know if you try any of these! I will give you more of my favs sometime in the near future!

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