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Wednesday, 31 August 2011 13:50

Fact: Zachariah's birthday is in a couple weeks.

Fact: I will quite frankly ball my eyes out if I think about the fact that he is going to be four years old, so I am choosing not to think about it. Thankyouverymuch.

Fact: Between his friends, my side of the family and Daniel's side of the family he is having three different birthday get-togethers.

Fact: He was very specific with his request for treats at each get together. (Cars 2 cake for his friends birthday party, balloon shaped cookies for my family and either cookies or cupcakes for the get together with my in-laws. I don't think he has completely decided on that last one.)

Fact: I refuse to buy three overly priced birthday cakes, set of cupcakes or cookies. I will buy a cake for his party with his friends, but I am going to attempt to make the stuff for the other two gatherings.

Fact: I am not a good decorator. It intimidates me. So much so that I just avoid baking anything that requires icing.

Fact: I need your help.

I have the cookie cutters but I really need a good recipe for the cookies. I want a GOOD sugar cookie (or any other cookie that tastes good with icing) recipe.


He wants the cookies to look something like this (Sans the pink Happy Birthday Mary cakes). Which means I need to know how to make icing with that kind of consistency. Are there any bakers that can help me out here?? How do I do this? Is there a recipe you recommend? We make Christmas cookies every year, but we "paint" icing on and it isn't very tasty. So, you know, an appetizing icing recipe would be lovely.

So here is the rundown in case my rambling made you skip over most of this post.

I need a yummy cookie recipe and a yummy icing recipe that will give me cookies similar (or better) to the picture above.

If any of you could help this non-baker out I would be soooo appreciative!!

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