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Thursday, 12 April 2012 15:22

I have pictures from my for-real-deal-camera coming soon, but while I procrastinate editing those I thought I would share a few of my Instagram pics with you. It's an Instagram Easter!

We started with a fun get-together with our church family. We had food, games and an egg hunt and it was a blast!

This was Micaiah last year during our Easter gathering/egg hunt with our church. Last year, folks. My baby was an actual baby last year!


And this year he joined in the egg hunt and walked around eating the muffins off our plates! He REALLY enjoyed himself. Finding eggs was thrilling, but once he realized the eggs opened? The hunt was over. He got five eggs in his basket and then proceeded to sit/squat right next to his basket so he could take the prizes in and out of the eggs for the rest of the time. It was cute. And he seriously had a blast opening and closing those eggs!


And speaking of eggs, we had SO much fun coloring eggs this year! In years past we just colored eggs and maybe wrote on them with a wax crayon. Nothing fancy. But this year Zachariah picked out this cool pirate egg decorating kit from Target and it definitely brought more fun to the table! Literally. Z had a blast decorating his colored eggs as pirates. There was an octopus, shark, and treasure thrown in there too! This got two thumbs up for us! Definitely recommended if you want to (easily) take your egg decorating to the next level!

The next day we had a great service at church (per the usual) followed by good food at the in-laws and a short but sweet egg hunt with cousin Collin! We all enjoyed spending time with the family and just soaking up the wonderful weather.

And part of the way that Z and I enjoy the weather is by relaxing in Mimi and Poppie's hammock! Folks, I'm not gonna lie. Zachariah and I don't get along very well. We argue. We fight. We loose our tempers with each other. Because we are so much alike, we clash. A lot. He knows how to push my buttons and I have very little patience. It's not the best combo. We both love each other very much, and we have some REALLy good days, but there are a lot of days where we just clash and don't get along.

But something happens when we are in a hammock. We actually like each other! And I say that jokingly, but in the hammock we have no issues. We just talk. Snuggle. Cuddle. Sing. Sit in silence. It is awesome. At one point during our hammock time we were just laying there listening to the birds and watching the leaves blow in the breeze. All of a sudden Z said to me, "Mom, I love snuggling with you in the hammock. It makes me happy." I about died right then and there. And then I decided that we need to save up and invest in a hammock. That can be our special spot to go and unwind. To just relax and talk things out. To start liking each other again. When Micaiah and I are having a rough time, we sit on the couch and cuddle and watch Baby Einsteins. That is our thing. He sits in my lap, sucks his thumb and just relaxes with me while oo-ing and ah-ing over the puppets and music on the tv. But Z and I don't have a special spot, and a hammock is just THE perfect thing.

So. All that to say, Easter was great! We had a wonderful time relaxing and enjoying the day. And I discovered that I want to save up and buy a hammock. Win-win! :)

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Monday, 26 March 2012 17:25


I broke our couch. Daniel and I were sitting on the couch surfing the web on our different awesome apple devices. Finally we decided to get up and do some dishes, but for some odd reason I decided to be playful and push him back on the couch as I was walking away. Low and behold I didn't succeed, so I tried again. This time trying to act all sweet and flirty and going up to give him a hug and then BAM, push him down on the couch. VICTORY! I did it. I pushed my husband on the couch. But I wasn't very smart about it, because he landed on the part of the couch that was already kinda broken (Z has a bad habit of using the furniture as an indoor trampoline.) and it just made it worse. Like, we gotta-buy-a-new-couch-now worse. Which is great, because we have needed a new couch for about a year now. But it's not so great because we were going to wait until we bought a new house to buy a new couch. All I gotta say is, someone better hurry up and come buy our house. The couch says it's time!

I was attacked by a bird. Well, almost. Not really even close. But a bird did swoop really close to my head while I was cleaning out the playhouse. Turns out there is a nest on the shelf in there and the bird stayed in there for 10 mintues of my cleaning, but finally had enough and just left. And in the process gave me a heart attack. After my heart started beating again I peeked at the nest. It was so cool!! I took a picture for your viewing pleasure. :) There was one egg in there, and that bums me out, because that means I can't move the dang nest. Which I was about to do. I don't want to have to worry about a bird almost attacking my 4 year old and 1 year old when they are playing in the newly cleaned playhouse! But I'm not a baby bird killer, so I don't want to move the nest and risk the mama bird abandoning it. Or not finding where I put the nest. So yeah. I have bird frustrations. The end.

I have about 2.4 million pictures to go through and edit from this last week/weekend. I (finally) took Micaiah's one year pictures, I took pictures at my in-laws this weekend (got a much needed updated picture of Mimi and her grand kids and got some pictures of the kids and Uncle Greg), AND I had Daniel take some pictures of me and Z on Sunday. Just for the heck of it. So I have a lot to go through! I just need to find some extra time. I am so bad about managing my time after the boys go to bed! I just want to lay on the couch and veg, but I should really start making a dent with pictures of my family! I get so far behind so easily!

I'm running now. Well, attempting. I am doing the couch 2 5K program and I am currently on my second week. It's kinda horrible. But not. It's weird. I hate running more than just about anything else in the entire world. I am just not a runner. But for some odd reason I have decided that I want to give running a shot. I mean, I'm not getting any younger. Might as well start exercising when I'm in my twenties rather than later on down the road, right? Right. So yeah. I'm running. And it's kinda miserable in this heat (upper 80's in March? Goodness. We are in for a looooong summer.), but having running partners really help it to not be so bad. I have a friend that runs with me two days out of the week, and my Dad subs in the one day that we can't get our schedules together. :) An added bonus is I am GUARANTEED half an hour time away from the kids three days a week. That is motivation enough to keep me running! I'll keep ya posted on my progress. If I don't die in the process.

That is all.

Blog post with pictures coming at a later date!


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Friday, 16 March 2012 09:17

I uploaded pictures to this post exactly a month ago. I don't know why I never came back and finished the post. It's kinda bugging me. Ah well. Here we are now and I am sharing it with you. My boys are a month older, but the cuteness is still the same!


Last month (ahem) we had some really pretty weather in the midst of a cold front. So the boys and I drove a couple blocks over to a cute little park to enjoy the afternoon. We were all suffering from a little cabin fever, so it was a nice welcome change of pace! Micaiah had just become a confident walker, so he spent most of his time showing off his ability to lightly kick and chase the soccer ball. :)

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Thursday, 01 March 2012 11:50

Wednesday, February 22:

Zachariah has a fever. No biggie. It's low grade and we can keep it down with tylenol.

Friday, February 24:

Zachariah developed a cough and his fever is still here. We assume it's his reoccurring bronchitis so we go to the doctor. Doctor didn't hear anything concerning with his breathing, his ears were fine, his throat was fine... everything was fine. Diagnoses was sinus drainage. Doctor told us the fever would probably stick around through the weekend, but to call early next week if it was still around.

Tuesday, February 28:

Zachariah's fever is STILL hanging around. When we consistently give Tylenol/Ibuprofen his temperature stays around 99.7 or so. Without Tylenol/Ibuprofen his temperature creeps up to 101.8. Call the doctor and he calls in Zithromax, which is a Zpack for kids. We give Zachariah his first dose around dinner time. He doesn't eat much for dinner and he ends up going to bed early due to being overly emotional and refusing to eat. Goes to bed without a fever, which is a relief.

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Tuesday, 28 February 2012 23:21

I'm gonna be honest here folks. As far as motherhood goes, the past couple weeks have been downright treacherous.

Between a new screaming-about-anything-and-everything phase, boycotting naps, waking up multiple times a night and a constant demand for nursing, this baby has about done me in. But I am thankful that, despite my aggravation, tears and sleep deprivation, I can still laugh at this little munchkin.

I mean, how can you NOT laugh at a face like that? He cracks me up.

So yeah. He is cute. And hilarious. But prayers would definitely be helpful at this time. Mama is running out of sanity!

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