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Wednesday, 22 April 2015 13:25

So, we got a dog. And no one is as surprised by that fact as I am!

I had a VERY strict rule that we wouldn't even consider getting a dog until our youngest child was potty trained. My husband has tried to talk me into getting a dog for several years now and I wouldn't even humor the thought. But when this opportunity presented itself it seemed too good to pass up, so we went for it. And I am STILL shocked that I was alright with it! But I sure am glad that I was able to be talked into it, because we ended up with THE most perfect dog in all the world.

So without further adieu, I would like to introduce you to the newest member of our family. :)


This is Pepper Jack! He is a two and a half year old Rhodesian Boxer.

He is fully house trained, calm, obedient and so very loving.



He likes to be called Puppy (which is what I call him), and the boy have started calling him buddy boy. Its adorable.

He hates thunderstorms and trains. He wants to be RIGHT up close to someone during a storm, and if he is outside when a train goes by our house he runs to the door and BEGS to come in.



He is a protector. He doesn't let anyone come in the door without barking and smelling them first, to make sure they are supposed to be here. He takes this job very seriously, and it's one of my favorite things about him!



He is playful. And he has yet to try and play at inappropriate times. That's another thing I love about him. When he is inside he is cool, calm and collected. He waits till he is outside to get all silly and playful. It's wonderful!



His patience with the kids is remarkable. They are all over him constantly wanting his attention, and he just goes with the flow. He lets them pet him, snuggle him and lets them pretend they are training him. And he is ESPECIALLY patient with Elijah. That crazy baby spends most of his days yelling orders at the dog in baby babble, and Pepper Jack does a wonderful job cooperating!


He loves to run, fetch play tug of war and "play tag" outside with the boys. This toy has been a big hit with him. It combines two things he loves so very much. Tennis balls and a rope chew toy!

He likes his privacy while using the bathroom. (No joke. He goes to the other end of the yard behind a large tree where no one can see him do his business.) This is one of the funniest things to me. And Zachariah is VERY protective of his privacy. He encourages everyone in the yard to look the other way when Pepper Jack needs to relieve himself. :)



He is obsessed with Daniel and gets SO excited when he comes home. These two have had quite the bond from day one! In fact, he cried, whined and paced the house the first couple times Daniel left after we brought him home. He's gotten used to Daniel's schedule now, but man, it sure was pitiful!



I am not gonna lie... I didn't expect to enjoy having a dog. I planned on tolerating it. Not because I don't like dogs, but because I just didn't want the added responsibility. Three kids is MORE than enough to keep me busy! But you guys, this sweet dog is just the best and I REALLY enjoy having him around. We bond a bit more every day, and I have really started falling in love with this puppy. He has been with us for less than a week, but I already cant imagine our household without him!

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