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Sunday, 01 February 2015 14:48


It's my middle baby's birthday! Micaiah turns four today and he couldn't be more excited about it! He looks forward to growing up, so each birthday is so very exciting for him. He constantly looks forward to going to college, falling in love and getting married. He is so excited about the future! It's adorable.  ;)

[ On a somewhat related note, every year I like to go back and revisit my blog post about Micaiah's birth. It cracks me up every time. Anyway, click the link if you want to relive that evening with me!]

This child is such a nut. He is always telling jokes and acting flat out ridiculous in hopes of getting someone around him to laugh. Inappropriate jokes and noises are always coming from his mouth. :P And not only is he a nut, he is a professional button pusher. No joke, this kid has a talent for finding buttons and pushing them! It doesn't take him long after meeting someone to figure out what annoys them most. And he doesn't just store that information away. Much to Zachariah's dismay, he uses those button pushing talents A LOT.


Some of Micaiah's favorite things are snuggling, painting, hot wheels cars, playing with legos, movie nights, playing board games, swinging and helping me cook. He is a quality time kid. It doesn't too much matter what you do, as long as he is able to do it WITH you.

The things he hates most in life is to be alone. In his room, in the bathroom, outside, WALKING DOWN THE HALL. Good gracious, that kid can't stand to be by himself. He finds comfort in the presence of other people, so if Zachariah is not available he is at my heels. And he has plenty of other dislikes. Too many to list here. Lets just say that his dislikes can vary from certain types of food to puppies, depending on his mood. The child is a malcontent. An adorable, silly, snugly malcontent. ;)

To sum things up: This four year old makes our lives a little bit louder, funnier and happier.

Happy birthday, boogie. We love you bunches and bunches!

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