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Sunday, 21 September 2014 20:54

Last Saturday my firstborn had a birthday and turned seven. Which means it has been seven years since I first became a mother. Seven years! I don't quite understand how I can have a seven year old (especially considering how I feel like I'm still 23), but at the same time I can't really remember life before I was a mother. It just blows my mind when I think about how fast he has grown!

Zachariah got his looks and brains from his dad and his eyes, attitude and tornadic sleeping habits came from me. :) Once we got through the sleepless nights, he was a pretty easy first baby. He and Daniel bonded immediately. And by immediately I mean in the hospital, the very first time Daniel held him. And ever since then they have been two peas in a pod. He has been a Daddy's boy from the get-go and it is so awesome to see how their father/son relationship has continued to grow over these seven years. They share a love of reading that is so sweet. Some of their favorite books to read together are Mary Poppins, James and The Giant Peach and The Chronicles of Narnia.


Zachariah loves Star Wars, Transformers, Spiderman, Ninjago, The Legends of Chima, Ninja Turtles and all things Legos. He seriously cant get enough of building with Legos. He was given seeeeeveral new Lego sets from friends and family for his birthday and he was SUCH a happy camper! We are still going through them all! I think he has two left to put together. But they will be finished this week. Legos are his happy place!

Some of his favorite movies are Wall E, The Incredibles, The Lego Movie, How To Train Your Dragon and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. He likes to listen to jazz, ska and some rock and roll. Louie Armstrong is one of his all time favorites. :)


His favorite foods include pizza, Daniel's homemade hamburgers, hot dogs (which I hardly ever allow him to have), my homemade cobbler, brownies, all breakfast items and fried shrimp. He dislikes french fries, tomatoes, vegetables (though he eats them at every meal because he knows they are good for us) and macaroni and cheese. In fact, he hates ALL melted cheese. It really weirds him out, which kinda cracks me up. The only exception to the melted cheese rule is pizza, and if that cheese is too stringy he freaks out. It really is the strangest thing! But he's been like this since he was a toddler, so we have learned to adapt. :)


His love for learning is contagious and teaching him often gets ME excited about learning new things! His favorite things to do in school are reading, spelling and map tracing. (By the end of the year we are hoping he will be able to draw and label a map of the entire world by memory.) His least favorite thing to do in school is math. He and I are in the same boat there. He is enjoying being in second grade and enjoying spending most of his time during the days playing outside and with his brothers. :)

His favorite books as of late are the Magic Tree House series and The Buddy Files books. The library has become one of his favorite places to go during the week, and he even got his own library card recently!


When he grows up he wants to be an artist and study ocean animals, and he is convinced that college will only take a couple days to complete. He wants to travel to Australia and New Zealand as soon as humanly possible, and one of his more recent aspirations has been to figure out a way to take his best friend Jack to Disney World. :)

His heart is so big and he is always thinking of others. The other week we were watching Star Wars and I jokingly (well, halfway jokingly) mentioned my desire to have a pet Ewok and he has been trying to figure out how to get me an Ewok ever since. His thoughtfulness just makes my heart burst.


He is a fantastic big brother and a wonderfully loving son. I am so thankful for him and beyond blessed to be his Mom.


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