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Friday, 29 August 2014 14:22

Last week we went to the beach and ohmygoodness. You guys, we had THE best time. We had no schedule, we didn't leave the condo but one time on the very last day, and we were on the beach at least three separate times every day. The boys kept us BUSY, but it was relaxed fun. Our days looked a little like this...

Boys woke us up at 6am. Everyone chill out and snuggle/wrestle in our king sized bed for a while.

Prepare/eat breakfast by 6:30am.

Head down to the beach around 7:30am.

Head to the pool around 10 or 10:30am.

Eat lunch around noon.

Rest time for the younger boys.

Have a snack and head back to the pool or beach around 2 or 3pm.

Dry off/start preparing dinner at 4:30pm. (I cooked very simple meals. Tacos, pizza, etc...)

Eat dinner by 5:30pm.

Head back out to the beach by 6:30pm.

Head to the pool once the sun sets for a night swim. (Elijah goes to bed instead of swimming)

Watch baseball with the older boys in our king sized bed while eating a late snack. (Baseball because there was NOTHING appropriate for children on tv that late.)

Everyone in bed by 9:00pm.


That was what we ended up doing every day. It was great. I mean, I would DIE if every day was like that, but it was good as far as vacations go! ;) Zachariah would often just stop what he was doing and say "I love our family." and that just melted me into a giant puddle. I love that we had this fun time together!

Zachariah stayed in the ocean the whole time, per his usual. He loves to look for shells with me, ride the waves, jump the waves, watch the fish swim around our feet, watch me squeal when I almost picked up a crap... You know. Normal ocean stuff. :) Micaiah still prefers playing in the sand, but actually braved the ocean a little bit this year! He only let the water get to his ankles, but still. That's an improvement! He loved running from the waves. :) Elijah didn't like the ocean OR sand unless he was being held. This was a very new experience for him! He was perfectly content on a towel on the sand as long as someone was right there with him. And he enjoyed being held in the ocean, as long as the water didn't splash up on him. So he was held a lot this trip!

Believe it or not, I only took my camera down to the beach twice (I know. I shocked even myself!) and it was wonderful. I wasn't spending the all of my time worrying about capturing everything and I could actually be in the moment. But I still got enough to remember the trip and put in our yearly photobook! Win-win! Here are some pictures. :)


















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