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Friday, 01 August 2014 12:34

The other day I got out Elijah's baby book for the first time since... well, since he came home from the hospital. That poor baby book looked sad and pitiful. I started scrambling on facebook and my blog to try and find documentation of when he first smiled, clapped and rolled over. Except my blog wasn't much help because I have been awful about updating this too. :/  I was able to piece together a few things to write in, but there are SEVERAL months and milestones unaccounted for. It's a sad state of affairs over here. So I am going to attempt to use this blog a bit more and share whats new about my third baby at least once a month! That way when I wipe the dust off the baby book to update it I can have somewhere to look for information.


Let's see... Elijah is nine months old today. He isn't officially crawling yet, but man alive can this kid roll. He has been rolling all over this house for a while now. And this week he perfected the army crawl. And he is FAST. So between rolling and pulling himself along with his arms he gets where he needs to go. Though I havent quite baby proofed the house yet, so he has been keeping us on our toes. In the last two weeks he has pulled a small decorative table and it's contents on top of himself, tried to pull wine bottles out of the wine rack, tried to eat a dead bug that one of the boys drug in from outside AND successfully choked on some scotch tape he found on the kitchen floor. (He's clearly fine. Daniel had to do some serious finger swiping in his throat to get the tape out though.) Soooo he's kinda into everything. And he loves it. :)


He still doesn't have any teeth, but that doesn't stop him from chewing on things! Toys, shoes, food, trash he finds on the floor... all of it is fair game. And it's requiring me to sweep several times a day. Lovely.


Little dude has been increasing his table food consumption this month. His favorite things to munch on are bananas, sweet potatoes, whole wheat pancakes, carrots, small green peas and scrambled egg yolk. I still have to have these things teeny tiny due to the no teeth thing, but he gets the job done! He is still nursing at every meal and again at bedtime. (That tid bit was mainly for my records. Please ignore that information if you want.)


Some of his favorite things include being around his brothers, chewing on board books, playing with the ocean animals pictured above, his paci, and taking apart the crib bumpers after every nap.

He has been making the sounds "mama" "dada" and "baba" for a while now. But we aren't counting them as official words until he is consistent and on command. Basically until he is purposefully saying them. None of this calling his brother mama and going "ahhhhhh!" when he tries to call me. ;) It's so adorable to hear his baby sounds though. Zachariah gets SO excited and tries to figure out what he is trying to say. :)

Anyway . That's about it. He's getting sillier and more fun every day. We all love watching him grow and learn new things!


And I will close this post out with a not so glamorous but good as we could get picture of all three of my boys.

Cause I love them so.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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