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Monday, 21 April 2014 13:45

I know this is a day late, but our Easter was pretty busy, so I didn't get a chance to sit down at the computer for long! Even though it was busy, we had a great Easter weekend. Saturday we got together with Daniel's family, Sunday at lunch we spent time with my family, and Sunday afternoon/evening we got together with our church family for an egg hunt and cookout! It was a jam packed weekend full of fun with our family and friends!

For the first time in a couple years I actually bought my kids Easter outfits. Last year we were moving into our new house and I was pregnant, puking and miserable. Needless to say, clothes shopping was not even on my radar. And the year before I was just lazy. But this year I was determined to get a new family picture for the living room, so I went shopping two days before Easter and ended up with outfits that I was pretty pleased with! Here are a couple pictures of my cutie patootie boys. The lack of sunshine on Easter was a bit of a bummer, so the lighting was less than desirable. But badly lit pictures are better than no pictures at all! ;)







*sigh* I love my little family.

And yes, I did bribe my kids with Reese's eggs for this group photo. I only feel slightly bad about that. ;)

I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend celebrating our Risen Savior!

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