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Wednesday, 15 January 2014 13:56

I am a pet killer.

That may sound harsh, but it's reality. I never mean to kill my pets, but low and behold, it always happens. My hamster? I forgot to feed it, and it died. In fact, that poor hamster tried to get out of there while he still could. If I remember correctly, while we were on vacation, the hamster somehow climbed out of its tank, jumped off my dresser and crawled in the trashcan to hide. Unfortunately for Cuddles I found it and returned it to the tank. Prince, my bird that I loved oh-so-much? Forgot to feed him too. I woke up one morning and he was just lying in the bottom of his cage lifeless. I was a wee bit upset. Zachariah's very first pet was a fish, and I killed that too. He had just turned three and was so excited about having a pet to call his own. But dear ole' Mom didn't keep the tank clean enough, and that fish caught a disease and died.

I'm too forgetful to take proper care of a pet. In fact, my track record has made me be totally at peace with not owning a pet ever again.

That being said, we have a new pet! Rather, Zachariah has a new pet. Don't worry, Daniel is the primary one responsible for this poor little animal that has entered our home.


Meet Jumpy. He (we are assuming it is a "he") is a crested gecko and he is just about the cutest reptile I have ever seen.

Yeah, I never thought I would be saying THAT.


Jumpy got his name honestly. This gecko loves to jump. He jumps from your hand to the floor, jumps from one person to another, jumps from a red shirt to a green shirt, jumps from one of us to his terrarium ... he's a jumper. And once Zachariah realized this little guy's jumping capabilities, the name Jumpy just seemed perfect! ;)


While we have only had Jumpy McJumperton Titus (yes, that is his full name) since Christmas, we have already learned a little bit about the guy. For instance, he loves the colors green, blue and black but hates the color red. Every time Z holds Jumpy while wearing his red Angry Bird pajamas Jumpy tries his darndest to get away from him, often jumping over to Daniel for refuge. For that reason, Zachariah tries to wear green a lot so that Jumpy will stay put and like him more. And it has worked! :)


When he eats (geckos don't eat a lot during the winter months, AND it takes them a while to settle after a big move), he eats a diet that consists of a powdered crested gecko food and crickets. He only eats the crickets two or three times a week, which means we have a cricket keeper with about ten crickets in it at any given time. So not only do we have to feed, water and care for a gecko AND his terrarium, we also have to feed and water crickets. And coat them in a calcium powder before giving them to Jumpy. So yeah, not very low maintenance, but I don't think many pets are. And Z ADORES him, so it's all good. Plus, Zachariah is learning how to do most of this stuff himself, so that's a plus!

Except for the crickets. An adult changes out their food and water, because I am NOT chancing a child accidentally knocking over that container and letting crickets loose in my house!  *shudder*


Anyway. That's about it as far as our new pet is concerned. Daniel and Z have been taking GREAT care of him, and Micaiah and I have kinda kept our distance. It is taking us a little longer to get used to the idea of having a lizard crawl all over us. ;)


Welcome to the family, Jumpy. I hope and pray you stick around for a while!

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