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Wednesday, 08 January 2014 12:46

My sweet baby is eight weeks old. Eight weeks! I would say something like, "I can't believe he is growing up so fast." or "It seems like just yesterday that I was in the hospital holding him for the first time." But it doesn't feel like that at ALL. In fact, I can't believe that he is ONLY eight weeks old! It seems like he has been with our family for years now. So I can't even deal with the fact that he has only been here for eight short weeks. He just fits in so wonderfully around here!


Elijah is a GREAT sleeper and has been since day one. In the hospital he slept for 4-5 hours at a time. Which, considering my other boys only slept for two hours at a time at that age, really threw me for a loop. But boy am I thankful! Him sleeping for long stretches and going so long between feedings really helped me ease into the whole being a mom of three thing. So yeah. Great sleeper. And he is just about sleeping through the night now! Which is SO exciting. Usually he will go to bed around 10 or 11pm and wake up once a night (usually around 4am) to eat. But there have been three nights this week where he hasn't woken up until 6am. Score! Here's to hoping he keeps that up! He is still sleeping in a bassinet in our room, and both of the other boys were moved to their own crib at two months, but I think he's going to be staying for a little while longer. :) I just love being able to bring him in bed and snuggle with him when he wakes up during the night. And sometimes he still needs to lay in my bed with me to fall asleep. So. You know. I am in no rush right now. These baby snuggles are basically irresistible!

Oh, and let me just say, thank you JESUS for the baby k'tan wrap. I bought it when I was pregnant with Micaiah, and this baby loooooves to be worn in that thing. In fact, that is his preferred napping spot. I can put him in the wrap and he will fall asleep within ten minutes every.single.time. It's wonderful. And wearing him is really the only way I can get ANYTHING accomplished around here. Cooking, cleaning, laundry, Zachariah's school work... it's usually all done while wearing a baby. Which slows me down sometimes, but I'm able to function while keeping my baby content, so you won't find me complaining too often!


And take a look at that grin! Is it not the cutest thing? He has been smiling for about two weeks now, and his smiles just melt me. His brothers get the majority of his smiles though. Well, he smiles at them and the ceiling fans. In fact, he will often stare right past us and grin his head off at those fans! But out of all of us, Micaiah got the very first smile out of him! It was adorable. Micaiah was sitting on the floor playing next to the bouncy seat and Elijah just looked over and smiled at him. Micaiah got all excited and shouted, "MOM! He likes me! He is showing me his smiles!" :)

Elijah was recently diagnosed with Ventricular Septal Defect, also known as VSD. For those who are not familiar, that basically means he has a hole between the two chambers of his heart. It's a small hole and it should close up on it's own by the time he is four years old. It could happen as early as a year old though. In fact, when we met with the cardiologist a couple weeks ago he seemed to think the hole was already starting to close up, which is GREAT. So in short, this is nothing to be concerned about. Just something we (aka: our pediatrician and the cardiologist) are keeping an eye on until the hole is fully closed! Needless to say, we were very thankful for the positive report we got back from the cardiologist!


So that's a little bit about our boy. We love him to pieces and I am SO enjoying going through this newborn stage again! I cannot WAIT to watch his little personality grow. I am so incredibly curious to find out if he is going to be a sensitive intellectual, like Zachariah, or a hilarious crazy child, like Micaiah), or if he's going to be more serious and quiet. Quiet doesnt seem like a "thing" in this house, so I am not getting my hopes up on that one. What I AM sure of is that his brothers are just counting down the months until he is able to run and play with them! I am pretty sure they have already decided that he is going to be Michelangelo when they play Ninja Turtles. ;)

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