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Saturday, 09 November 2013 09:10

Last Friday our sweet Elijah Howell Titus was born!

My one request with this birth was that my baby NOT be born on Halloween. Not because I think it's awful to be born on Halloween, but because my boys look forward to trick or treating SO much and I did not want this baby to start his life on the wrong foot by ruining their Halloween. ;) And sure enough, this sweet boy waited until we were done trick or treating to start the process of coming into the world!

We got home from trick or treating with our friends around 9:30pm, got the kids to bed and Daniel and I got to bed around 11:00 (there was Halloween candy to go through, folks!). I woke up moments before my water broke, around 1:45am. After several failed attempts at waking Daniel, I finally made enough noise in the bathroom to wake him and we started getting things ready to go to the hospital. My mom came over to stay with the boys, I sent my midwife a text to let her know what was going on, we let my mother in law know we were headed to the hospital, I went in and tucked the kids in and kissed them goodnight, then Daniel and I were excitedly off!


A few fun facts about the night...

The sweet lady who was checking us in happened to be the same lady who bought our house from us earlier this year. So that was fun!

We sat in the waiting room for thirty minutes waiting to get into a room. Which was a PAIN. Literally. Contractions were coming, my water was still breaking (aka: making a mess in my pants, if you know what I mean.) and there was some gosh awful reality tv show on in the waiting room. Gah. Daniel and I were about to rip the tvs out of the wall. Anyway. Once we got to a room I realized exactly how busy they were and why it took so long getting us back there! Those poor nurses. They had three of us who were about to give birth, and only four nurses working that night!

When I got there I was five centimeters dilated. Which was fabulous. I got my epidural within the next hour or so and seriously folks, I was just as happy as a lark. Sure the contractions were not fun, but they had not started killing me with pain yet. And once that epidural was in, boy howdy I was set!

I progressed to 8cm rather quickly, but then stayed there for an hour or two. All of a sudden I started feeling pressure and the need to push down, so I let my oh-so-sweet nurse know, she checked me and BAM. I was 10cm and ready to go!

My midwife came in, told me to start pushing, and four minutes later he was out!

At 8:31am Elijah was born, weighing 6 pounds 15 ounces and measuring at 19 inches long! He was crying his little eyes out and as SOON as they cut the cord and placed him on me he stopped. Like, just stopped. I hadn't even spoken to him yet. That was the coolest thing to me. :)


So, this was yet again, another easy delivery for Amy Lynn Titus. I am SO incredibly blessed with easy and quick deliveries! It's such a refreshing end to my miserable pregnancies!

Our hospital stay this time was SO much more enjoyable than our other two. The hospital has recently changed some things and now are considered "baby friendly". Which means they do skin to skin immediately after birth, don't take the baby out of the room/to the nursery for any reason, encourage breastfeeding by not offering formula or paci's, etc. Which may not seem like a big deal to some of you, but for THIS town and THIS hospital, it was a big deal! And it was SO wonderful to be able to bond with my baby without feeling like I was being a pain in the butt patient. :)

And in the interest of full disclosure, they DID have to take Elijah out of the room a couple times to do some tests to make sure he didn't contract Group B Strep. (I test positive every time and never stay in labor long enough to get my antibiotics.) But had I NOT been Group B Strep positive there would have been no need to take him from the room!


Anyway, the hospital stay was great. Everyone was SO nice and helpful and wonderful. We had the best nurses ever and I am SO thankful for that!


We have been loving every minute with this sweet little guy. He is a GREAT sleeper and is doing a great job nursing. (The first few days were ROUGH though. By far the hardest time I have had nursing a baby. I have never been so close to wanting to quit. But I looked things up and figured out ways to help his latch, and we are doing much better!)

The boys LOVE their little brother, and continuously let us know that! They both love holding him, Z loves singing to him and Micaiah loves picking out his outfits and "patting his head". They have done wonderfully with him.


Thank you so much to everyone for the well wishes and the meals and the prayers and the kind words. We are settling in nicely at home and enjoying these baby snuggles! Yay for being a family of five!

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