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Monday, 28 October 2013 14:53

Oh fall, how I love thee.

Who doesn't though? Cooler temps, pumpkin and apple baked goods, hot chocolate, boots, sweaters... I just love it!


One of our favorite things bout fall would definitely be all pumpkin related things. We made some pumpkin doughnuts earlier this month, and they were FABULOUS. And with a hot cup of tea? Perfection. Here is the recipe for the doughnuts. I made half without the cinnamon/sugar mixture coating them and we all actually prefer them plain! So feel free to leave that last step off if you feel so inclined.


And keeping with our yearly tradition, we went to the pumpkin patch last week! This year we went with our homeschool group, which was lots of fun, but ohmygoodness so cold! I underestimated how chilly it would be. Last year we were all sweating on that hayride, but this year I could not get warm enough! Regardless of the temperature, it is always fun hanging out with our friends! And they were extra excited that Dad was able to join us again this year! Picking out pumpkins, eating boiled peanuts, and going on a hayride make for a very fun Friday morning if you ask me!



And this weekend we continued the pumpkin love by doing a little pumpkin carving! The boys were so eager to watch Daniel gut the pumpkin, and then they abandoned him while he did the tedious, detailed work of carving the pumpkin. Cracks me up.



And this is the finished product! His name is Pumpkin-Angelo. Daniel does such a great job with our pumpkins every year!


That's about it for now. I have a doctors appointment soon, so I am hoping to be back later this week with a pregnancy update!

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