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Monday, 09 September 2013 15:40

I have a home school post coming up sometime in the next decade or so, but for now I wanted to drop in and give a real quick update on things.

Let's start out by addressing the elephant in the room. Yes, it has indeed been three months since I have updated this blog. Homeschooling is apparently taking up a good bit of my time, so this poor little website gets neglected. My camera gets neglected too. I am quite embarrassed about the lack of pictures I take these days. But thank goodness for iphones, huh? Anyway. I would get used to having a good while go by between blog posts. I apparently haven't found a good time to fit in blogging into my regular schedule yet.

Next... I am now in my third trimester of pregnancy! I am 30 weeks along, to be exact. Exciting stuff. And in cases anyone was wondering, I am totally and completely over the whole being huge and pregnant thing. :P The next 10 weeks need to fly by, because between my pregnant temper (oh boy, it is NOT pretty), my junk food cravings, the massive braxton hicks contractions, and my lack of sleep, I am BEYOND ready to get this baby out of me. But alas, I still have 10-ish weeks to go. So here is to hoping that between homeschooling, Z's birthday, preparing the nursery and Halloween I can keep busy enough to not realize how uncomfortable I am!

The boys are BEYOND excited about having a new baby brother in a couple months. They talk to and about him often, ask to feel him kick, tell him about what is going on outside of my belly... it's cute. I can tell Micaiah is getting a bit tired of my growing belly, though he won't really complain about it. This belly of mine makes it VERY difficult to snuggle, cuddle and sit in my lap. So my snuggly baby has been sharing his snuggles with Dad more lately. Which Dad LOVES! But let me tell you, if after I have this baby this child doesnt go back to being a full fledged Mama's boy and needing me to snuggle him, we are gonna have problems! :P


Speaking of my Mama's boy, I took some pictures of him this weekend. It has been forever since I have taken some updated pictures of my sweet little Micaiah, and it just blows my mind to see how much he has grown in the past few months! He is so not a baby anymore, and he is quick to correct me when I refer to him as "my baby". He knows he is a big boy and he desperately wants to be referred to as one.



And he is still the silliest boy ever. His greatest joy in life is to get people to laugh. That and to snuggle his Happy Bear. Which somehow did not make it into these pictures! That is seriously a first.




Anyway! That about does it for now. Zachariah has a birthday (and therefore a birthday party) coming up at the end of this week, so I hope to check back in sometime with some pictures from that!

Happy Monday, everyone! See ya in another three months! :P

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