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Monday, 03 June 2013 13:12

Goodness. It has been MONTHS since I last wrote a blog post. How embarrassing. I have plenty of excuses, I swear! It's partly due to the fact that I am a slacker, and partly due to the fact that I have had a ton of things going on lately. So allow me to update you on a few things!

*Disclaimer* If you follow me on social networks these updates are probably old news.


1) I'm pregnant!

We are expecting Titus Baby number three sometime in November and we are all very excited! Well, most of us anyway. Micaiah was not so thrilled with the news at first, but he has warmed up to the idea now. Upon hearing the news he shouted "NO! Mama not hold baby! Mama hold ME!". Now he will ask about the baby in my tummy and poke it and lift my shirt up and try to see it. Definitely improvement!

In true Amy Lynn fashion, I have been horribly sick during pregnancy. I was basically stuck in the house for eight weeks straight trying to deal with the nausea and puking and all around crap-like feeling. Along with the sickness during pregnancy I also regularly experience an excess in saliva (which usually results in me having to spit in a cup or bottle) and yeast infections on my tongue. Yes, that's a thing. I found out when I was pregnant with Micaiah that was something pregnant me would have to deal with. Woohoo! So yeah, I hate being pregnant. But I am sixteen weeks now and I am only puking once a day, so that is a huge plus! Hopefully it will just keep getting better!

We find out the gender of the baby in four weeks and we can't wait! Every single one of our extended family members wants us to have a girl, but those of us who are actually going to have to live with and raise the child are all hoping for another boy! And I know I may end up eating my words at the end of the month, but I am about 90% sure it's a boy. Not because I have a certain "feeling" or anything, but because this pregnancy is NO different from my other two. I know that's not a sure fire sign that it's the same sex as the other two, but still. I am just under the assumption that this baby is another sweet little boy! :)

Oh, and Zachariah has decided on names for the baby. If it's a girl he wants to name it Chartreuse, and if it's a boy he wants to name it Leo. For Leonardo, the Ninja Turtle. We thanked him for his name contributions and promptly reminded him that we are ultimately in charge of naming the baby. ;)


2) We moved!

This post let everyone know that we were going to move, but I never posted about it actually happening! Well, it happened. Thankfully. We have been living in our awesome new house for a couple months now and I LOVE it. Love, love, love. It is beyond perfect for us! With the exception of a few random boxes here and there, we are unpacked. I am just looking forward to getting stuff up on the walls and organizing closets and whatnot!

I hope to show you more of the house sometime in the future, but for now this is all you get. I can only have a few rooms clean at a time around here! We are working on merging the boys rooms and will eventually be working on the nursery, so I feel sure I will be showing you the bedrooms sometime soon. But know we love the house and we are VERY blessed to have it. (I mean, check out that huge yard! Goodness. I love a large backyard. So much room for the boys to play!)

This summer I hope to do some MAJOR organizing to my homeschooling shelf (which is stored in the laundry room), the playroom closet (which is housing a ton of boxes) and our master closet. Which, due to the fact that you can barely walk in there, needs the most help. Once I get those things done I will be able to breathe a little easier and maybe start focusing on the baby's room!


3) Zachariah completed Kindergarten!

It's true. My five year old is now a Kindergarten graduate. Except I don't think that's very accurate, because we didn't have a graduation. THANK GOODNESS. I haaaaate the whole concept behind kids "graduating" after basically every grade level. Makes high school graduation a little less special. That's a perk of homeschooling, right? ;) But anyway, graduation or not, he completed kindergarten! He did a great job this year and we are super excited about starting first grade in the fall! I am in the process of getting my ducks in a row and ordering curriculum for next year, and that excites me. I love ordering school stuff! I will have another post later in the summer/closer to the start of the school year and let you know what all we will be doing for school this year. Since he will be in first grade we will be adding a couple new things to our plate, so I am excited to try these new things out!

Now, just because we are done with the "school year" doesn't mean we are completely done with school for the summer. Daniel and I decided to do school year round. Which honestly, is not as bad as it sounds. So please, no freaking out! :P We just want to do enough to keep the kids brain active and functioning and to keep a routine. (It is VERY important for my sanity to keep a routine. Without it we all just end up yelling and fighting with each other. Oy.) So this summer we will go through a workbook or two, but mainly work on strengthening Zachariah's reading. He is doing a GREAT job, but because of the pregnancy puking I was not able to work with him at the end of the school year as much as I would have liked. Micaiah keeps begging to "do school" too, so we have been working on shapes and might even start reviewing numbers later on in the summer! Which is great, considering the fact that I have done next to NOTHING with him this year. Poor child. Z knew colors, shapes, numbers, letter recognition AND could match them with their letter sounds by 18 months old. And my two year old still can't tell the difference between red and blue. HA! He is definitely a second born! :)

Oh, and just because we are doing school work doesn't mean that we aren't enjoying the heck out of our summer! We have been having a blast making homemade popsicles, having lots of water play, spending time with friends on playdates and just enjoying being able to relax and do whatever our little hearts desire. (Which for these boys, their hearts desire usually has something to do with shooting water guns.)

So yeah. That is a little update on our life right now. Now that we have finished the moving process and I am puking less, I hope to officially be back in the swing of the whole blogging thing. At least until the baby is born. Then I am sure I will take a looooooong hiatus. ;)

Have a great week everyone!


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