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Monday, 11 March 2013 14:02

Since I haven't gotten around to taking "official" two year old pictures of Micaiah, I thought a few snap shots were in order. And since I have some pictures to post I might as well do an "all about Micaiah" post and give you a little info about my adorable little two year old!


I don't know why, but I am constantly amazed at how different my two boys are. Z was a very cautious kid. Never climbing on or jumping off furniture. He basically stayed away from anything that would be considered wild and dangerous. Micaiah, on the other hand, is the definition of wild and dangerous. He climbs on anything can just so he can jump off of it and climb it again. He runs around with boxes or blankets on his head because he think's he is hilarious, only to run into a wall and get a whelp on his head. He tries to climb in the dryer and dishwasher if either are left open. I swear to you, he would scale the walls if they had footholds. In fact, in the mornings when I go in to get him out of his crib he now throws everything out (blanket, pillow, stuffed animals... EVERYTHING.) and then hikes a leg up over the crib and says "Ok, jump." Thankfully he doesn't have the "oomph" needed to hurl himself over the rail yet, but it's coming. Once we get settled into our new house this kid is going to need a big boy bed.


Despite his craziness, he is still my cuddly, thumb sucking, teddy bear loving baby. His attachment to his bear is still alive and well, and it shows no sign of dwindling. That bear comes everywhere with us. And on the rare occasion that it is left behind, Micaiah notices less than five minutes into our errand running venture. This bear (and his thumb) are his security blankets and he doesn't like to be separated from either. I noticed a while back that there are very few pictures of Micaiah that do not have bear in them somewhere. Even our Christmas card picture included that bear! :P

Because the bear comes everywhere (grocery stores, outside, toy stores, grandparents, homeschool classes... you get the picture), we need to wash it fairly frequently. And when we do, it is THE most depressing time for Micaiah. He tries to distract himself from the fact that he has to spend 2 hours away from bear, but it never works. He goes back and forth between my lap and the laundry room door asking for bear to be done. And when the dryer turns off Micaiah digs around in the clothes until he finds the bear, and then they share lots of hugs, kisses and kind words. (Yes, I said exchanged. Micaiah makes the bear talk back to him in a high pitched squeaky voice.) I think it's safe to say that this bear is very loved!


Oh, and did I mention that he is still a major Mama's boy? I assume you guys knew that. Over the past couple months I have been trying to explain to him that he doesn't need to be held ALL the time, and instead of carrying him I will hold his hand and we will walk together. Thankfully that seems to do the trick. I love cuddling with him and holding him, but not when I am standing. And not 24/7. He is 30 pounds and that just gets heavy after a while!

One of the not so fun parts of having a mamas boy is his jealousy when I hold or touch ANYONE but him. When he sees me holing a baby in nursery at church, he screams and cries and begs for me to be done. And then he holds a grudge for the rest of the day and reminds me that I held a baby. *eye roll* Also, when a friend a church hugged me the other week (I was holding him), he grabbed me around the neck and said "No, mama hug ME."

Wanna hear a couple more examples? When Zachariah gets hurt or needs a hug for whatever reason, Micaiah gets livid. He will try to push Z out of my lap so that he can come in and snuggle. And the worst is when he sees Daniel give me a hug or kiss. He will scream and then cry as if he just witnessed someone ripping his teddy bear to shreds. Alligator tears, folks. And he won't come near us until Daniel has stopped touching me. It's ridiculous. And we are trying to work on correcting this selfish behavior of his. While it started out kinda funny, it is really becoming an issue around here!


Another few fun facts about my youngest:

His favorite...

color is yellow.

animal is a puppy. And bears.

food is hummus.

person to play with his Zachariah.

joke is "knock knock. Who's there? Hee Hee. Hee hee who? PUSH!" (And yes, he will actually tell that joke quite often. It's kinda embarrassing.)

thing to do is play outside (aka: climb on our fort). And snuggle with me. And watch Mickey Mouse clubhouse. And read books with Dad. ;)


As you can probably tell, there is never a dull moment with this kid. He is such a fun little guy who constantly makes us laugh and we love him to pieces!!!


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