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Friday, 08 March 2013 10:30

1) Due to recent stomach/digestive issues, I am having to go lactose free. As in, I can't have dairy anymore. Which stinks. A lot. Because cheese is a big part of my life. Seriously, folks. It is basically a food group for me! But I have done research and experimenting with my diet and we are quite sure dairy is the problem. When I eat dairy I have severe stomach pain and related issues. When I go a few days without any dairy products I feel perfectly fine and normal again. So I am joining Micaiah (who is lactose intolerant) in his diary free journey!

2) We have officially started packing for our move. We have only packed around a dozen boxes so far, but we already hate the whole process. Obviously it's gonna be worth it in the end, but goodness. Packing is NO fun. Especially when we use SO much stuff and can't pack up most of it until a few days before we move. But we are slowly trying to chip away at the pile of stuff we have to pack by packing things we KNOW we aren't going to use for a while. (Christmas decorations, silver platters, kitchen appliances that are only used twice a year... you get the picture!) Anyway. Packing stinks. But I am seriously beside myself with excitement about moving soon!!! I can't wait!!!

3) Yesterday I took this picture of Zachariah and it melts me into a giant puddle every time I look at it.

He is such a cute kid. And that hair is GORGEOUS. He pulls off the long haired look so wonderfully! But I'm not biased or anything. :)

4) I am still wanting to blog Micaiah's birthday party pics, but for some reason they are not wanting to upload to my blog. Apparently I have to go in and re-size them or something. I dunno. I'll figure it out this weekend-ish. So, it may be another little while before you see those. Sorry! They are on my facebook page though!

5) This month I am in charge of birthday treats for our church members, and I made cinnamon toast crunch cupcakes. I just wanted to share the recipe in case I haven't yet. They are SO unbelievably good. As in, they will change your cupcake eating life. You have GOT to try them!

6) Oh, also, I made strawberry doughnuts. This is my second time making them and they are such a huge hit with my family! They are baked, so not so awful for you. And instead of making the glaze I just dip the doughnuts in the leftover pureed strawberries as a topping. SO yum, and easy! (And to make them dairy free I just use lactose free butter and almond milk instead of regular milk. Wala!)

Ok, that's it for now! Have a good weekend, folks!

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