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Wednesday, 19 December 2012 12:19

Preface: I love my kids. I am thankful for my kids. And despite the frustrations, I am very glad I get to stay at home with them every day to play, snuggle and teach these sweet little boys.

That being said, they are about to make me turn in my letter of resignation and check myself into a mental hospital or something.

Not really. But they have been arguing and fighting a lot lately. So much so, that I am considering just locking them in their separate rooms all day so I don't have to deal with the yelling, arguing, toy throwing and whatnot.

Just kidding. I'm not actually considering locking them in their room. Though I would be lying if I said that the idea didn't sound downright heavenly!

But seriously. They have been arguing like crazy recently! I guess we have officially hit that stage where the little sibling is now annoying and constantly in the way, and the big brother is bossy and controlling and won't give the little brother everything he wants all the time. Which results in lots of fighting. They can't seem to play ANYTHING together for more than a couple minutes without yelling and fighting over something. Which makes me yell at them to stop yelling, and then we all end up in a gosh awful mood. Earlier this morning I actually sent them to their rooms (which made them both yell, scream and cry) until they had calmed down and could come out with a better attitude. It worked well enough, I guess. Zachariah even apologized to Micaiah for fighting with him and they have been playing decently since then. So that's a plus! But it would be nice if I could nip it in the bud before it got to the point of them yelling and screaming at each other constantly.

So here is my question to you parents of multiple children...

What do you do to keep the arguing at bay? I know it isn't completely avoidable, but what do you do to "nip it in the bud" before it gets bad? Or once it gets bad what do you do to get everyone calm and acting civilized again? The sending them to their room thing worked this time, but it's not guaranteed to work again, so I would love some other ideas/advice to help me keep my sanity! ;)

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