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Thursday, 25 October 2012 12:09

Story number one:
Last week the boys were watching a DVD of several Pixar shorts. I was in the kitchen making their lunches but heard the following conversation take place.

Micaiah: Rye-Rye?

Zachariah: Yes?

Micaiah: What is dis?

Zachariah: This is Pixar! We are watching the DVD of Pixar shorts.

Micaiah: Oh. Rye-Rye?

Zachariah: Yes, Micaiah?

Micaiah: What is dis?

Zachariah: Pixar. We are watching Pixar shorts.

Micaiah: Ohhhhhh. Rye-Rye?

Zachariah: Yes?

Micaiah: What is dis?

Zachariah: Why do I have to say this a hundred times?!

Micaiah: Ummmm...

Micaiah: Rye-Rye. What is dis?

Zachariah: *sigh* It's Pixar.

Micaiah: Oh!

And repeat. They watched a half hour long DVD of the Pixar shorts and I did not EVER hear more than 30 seconds go by without that exact same conversation happening. Eventually Zachariah tuned him out and Micaiah was left to say "Rye-Rye? Rye-Rye? Rye-Rye?" a million times, and sure enough Z would tune back in and sweetly answer his questions.


Story number two:
(Preface: Sunday I came down with a cold. Daniel took off work Monday and went grocery shopping for me. He took Z with him while Micaiah was napping so that I could get a little break.)

Yesterday we were sitting down for lunch and Z looked at me and said, "So, Mom. When I am older, and you and dad are both sick at the same time, I will be glad to go to Publix for you! And I can take Micaiah!"


The reason for this post:
We have been having some issues with Zachariah recently. He won't listen to a word we say; he doesn't pay attention; he won't obey the first (or third) time; he won't speak to us with respect, and he can't seem to get a grip on his temper. I feel like we are at square one again with figuring out how to parent our child. It's discouraging and aggravating and it makes for very long days.

Sometimes I can get so angry that I lose site of the reality that he is a very sweet and loving child. I have never met a child with such a tender heart. I am constantly amazed at how sweet and thoughtful he can be and I need to do a better job of remembering that. He shows his sweet side everyday, and I need to pay closer attention to those times rather than focusing exclusively on the times when he disobeys.

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