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Monday, 13 August 2012 16:38

My baby started Kindergarten today!

I know, I know. Try not to focus on how old he is and try to focus on how fun it is that we can run outside and play in the street during the middle of our school day. :P

Our first day was a good one. But due to the fact that I just started going to the gym, my arms feel like jello and they are not functioning properly. So I will try to check back with more school details and updates at the end of the week. Hopefully by then I won't need Daniel to support my arms while I type.

Hope you enjoy our first-day-of-school pictures!






P.S. The lunchbox will be used to bring a snack for our Tuesday classes with our home school group. (More on our awesome group later.) He is pretty excited about putting something besides plastic kitchen food inside his super cool lunchbox!

P.P.S. That last picture is my fav. :)

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