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Monday, 23 July 2012 08:04

Zachariah loves whales. Love, loves, loves them. So when we came across this whale and dolphin toob on our beach vacation it was pretty much a given that it would be coming home with us.

There is a rotating earth on the lid of the toob, so as soon as we got it back to the condo Z lined everybody up, declared school was in session and appointed Narwhal as the teacher. (Because the long tooth obviously makes for a good pointer.) And then the Narwhal proceeded to teach the class about the world. Except Z only knows the names of few continents right now, so they got repeat lessons about North America, Africa and Australia. And he also tried to throw Japan into the mix since that is where his Uncle Wesley lives. :P

What made me laugh really hard though was that the whales held the scuba guy captive in the toob for research. Ha!

(And yes, I realize that "toob" is really supposed to be spelled "tube". It's the product name though, so I feel like I need to keep it going. Sorry if it's bothering you. If it makes you feel any better it's kinda starting to get under my skin as well.)


Not surprisingly, Zachariah knew the names of all but one of the whales (the gray whale was new to him), but he had no clue what the different dolphins were. He knew the bottle nose dolphin, but that was it. So it was fun learning/teaching him the different species. I of course forgot them immediately, so he corrects me ALL the time now. Spotted dolphin, common dolphin, pacific white sided dolphin... I can't keep them straight!

Oh, and you know what is super cool about these whales? They have ridiculously accurate characteristics. I mean, their size is not so accurate (the blue whale is obviously going to be larger than a beluga whale in real life, but as you can see all the toys are the same size), but everything else is. For example: did you know that some whales have one blowhole and some have two? And did you know that certain whales have their blowholes located on their "nose" as opposed to their back? Also, some whales have a small dorsal fin located on their lower back closer to their tale instead of a larger one on the middle of their back like an Orca. And some don't have a dorsal fin at all! The makers of these toys did an excellent job. And I'm glad they did, because Z was sure enough inspecting each whale to make sure they had the correct number of blowholes and dorsal fins! :) Heck, he even checked their mouths to make sure the whales that were supposed to have teeth had teeth, and the whales that were supposed to have baleen had baleen. And they did. I'm telling you, I am quite impressed with the accuracy of these things.


Anyway. It was fun to watch him play with these at the beach, and it continues to be fun to watch him play with them at home. I say we definitely got our nine dollars worth out of this toy!

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