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Thursday, 01 March 2012 11:50

Wednesday, February 22:

Zachariah has a fever. No biggie. It's low grade and we can keep it down with tylenol.

Friday, February 24:

Zachariah developed a cough and his fever is still here. We assume it's his reoccurring bronchitis so we go to the doctor. Doctor didn't hear anything concerning with his breathing, his ears were fine, his throat was fine... everything was fine. Diagnoses was sinus drainage. Doctor told us the fever would probably stick around through the weekend, but to call early next week if it was still around.

Tuesday, February 28:

Zachariah's fever is STILL hanging around. When we consistently give Tylenol/Ibuprofen his temperature stays around 99.7 or so. Without Tylenol/Ibuprofen his temperature creeps up to 101.8. Call the doctor and he calls in Zithromax, which is a Zpack for kids. We give Zachariah his first dose around dinner time. He doesn't eat much for dinner and he ends up going to bed early due to being overly emotional and refusing to eat. Goes to bed without a fever, which is a relief.

Wednesday, February 29:

1:00am: Zachariah wakes up with a 101.9 degree temperature. Give Ibuprofen and the fever goes down. He is uncomfortable and takes an hour to get back to sleep. Which is very odd for him, even with a fever.

8:00: Wakes up in the morning with no fever, but is complaining about his fingers and hands hurting. Which I found very odd. But I had no clue what was making him hurt. He drinks orange juice and immediately throws up. While Daniel is cleaning him up he starts complaining about his hands and fingers hurting again, and that is when I start getting a little worried. We put him on the couch to monitor him to see if he caught the stomach bug that is going around our church.

8:50: I put Micaiah down for a nap, Z is watching a movie, and I am about to get in the shower. I walk by Zachariah on the couch and glance over to make sure he isn't about to puke or anything. For some reason I happen to look at his hands and notice they are a little puffy looking. I walk over to inspect them further and find they are EXTREMELY puffy and he has what looks like little ant bites all over his arms.

8:52: I start freaking out and call Daniel. He calms me down and tells me to give him Benadryl and call the doctors office to see if they want him to come in. While I am on the phone with him I see more spots appearing along with a red rash. Cue another freak out.

9:00: Get off the phone with the doctor. We have an appointment in half an hour. I hop in the shower real quick while Daniel is on his way home to sit with Micaiah so I don't have to wake him and take him with us.

9:15: Get out of the shower and check on Z. His hands are HUGE and he has even more ant bit looking things on his arms and now a few on his legs. He is inspecting his arms informing me when he notices more spots. He finds it rather entertaining!


I take this picture as we are leaving for the doctor. His spots are now turning into whelps and they are getting bigger and appearing in more places. And his hands are unnaturally chubby.

10:00: We see the doctor and he inspects Zachariah. The swelling had gone down a bit (thanks to the benadryl) and the whelps were less red and slowly fading away. Doctor told us to monitor the situation and that these symptoms would keep getting better and then appear again until the medicine was out of his system (and that will take a couple days). For some odd reason I thought the worst was behind us. *face palm*

3:45pm: Zachariah wakes up from a two hour nap (again, thanks to Benadryl) and tells me that he has bumps on his face. Sure enough, he has those large-ish type whelps in the picture up there all over his face, neck, stomach and legs. His face is a little puffy and possibly swollen, but it's hard to tell due to all the bumps and redness. Cue another freakout. I call Daniel and ask him to come home because I am kinda wigging out about all of this. (Thankfully he didn't have any meetings scheduled so he zipped right on home!)

6:30-ish: Zachariah mentions his nose feeling funny. I start to get panicky, but then realize that he does have some congestion issues going on, so I talk myself down from a panic attack.  Whelps are getting bigger and swelling is back in his hands. Benadryl is being given every four hours, but the swelling and whelps seem to get worse before it is time for me to give another dose.

7:00: Daniel and I are talking about when to call the on-call doctor to see what constitute an emergency if things don't get any better.

7:15: Zachariah walks into the room I am in to ask me a question and I notice his lip under his nose is swollen. It looks like he tripped and fell flat on his face. Then he started sounding stuffy and more congested while talking. I COMPLETELY freak out. Which I thought I had already done, but apparently I had more left in me.

7:30-8:45: Somewhere in here I start crying about how my kid won't be able to breath and he might die and this is NOT a normal reaction to this medicine and so on and so forth. Daniel tries to calm me down, but he isn't very successful. He calls the answering service for our pediatrician and we wait for the nurse to call. She calls and is uncomfortable with Z's lip swelling so she tells us the doctor will be calling us soon. It takes a ridiculous 20 minutes, but he eventually calls and tells us to head to the ER. Which we had decided to do anyway. Daniel and Z were just about out on their way out the door when he finally called. Sheesh.

9ish: Boys are at the ER. I stay home with Micaiah because I tend to make situations like this worse. They have a very short wait at the ER and before long Zachariah is seen by a doctor and has been given a steroid and more Benadryl. Z does GREAT while there. He is constantly remind the nurses/doctors that he does NOT need shots. hee hee.

10ish: Boys are home and Z is tucked in bed. He already looked SO much better. The steroid helped him lots!


Oh, and just so you can get a better idea of the size of these whelps/hives I have put progression pictures side by side for ya.

These pictures were taken at 9am, 4pm, and 8pm. That last picture is of his side/a little bit of his back. These side whelps were EVERYWHERE. And I mean, everywhere. These things plus hands/facial swelling had me completely freaked out.


Lessons we have learned:

1) Zachariah should not take Zithromax anymore.

2) The ER does not mess around with kids. Our ER is notoriously slow, but Daniel and Z were in and out in no time! I was pleasantly surprised!

3) Daniel is remarkably calm in these situations. Which was kind of annoying, but obviously a good thing.

4) Zachariah is remarkably calm in these situations. He seriously was not bothered by anything. Not even inconvenienced.

5) I am remarkably psychotic in these situations. Which is not exactly shocking news.

6) Steroids make Zachariah ridiculously hyper. He is literally running laps around the room as I type. Oy vey.


That about does it for Zachariah's first ER visit! He will be on an oral steroid )and a few other meds) for a few days. He feels much better today!

Ok, my baby is loudly waking up from his nap and I am being poked and prodded by my hyper four year old trying to give me a check up. So I gotta go!

Over and out!

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