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Thursday, 12 January 2012 08:19

My whole family was together over Christmas this year, and it was fabulous.

My brother is stationed in Japan with the Air Force and he came home for the first time in two years! He was technically home for two weeks, but eight members of my extended family stole him away for an entire week to go on a cruise the week before Christmas, that might I add, not everyone could go on. For fear of me sounding bitter/angry/outrageously offended we wont get into all of THAT. *ahem*

I will say that even though I only got to see him for a week, it was a VERY good week! He was able to come over and hang out with me and the boys (he had never met Micaiah before and Z was TWO the last time he saw his Uncle!!), he came over and watched movies with me and my sister, he and I went shopping together (not many clothing options that he likes in Japan)... it was just fabulous. I oh-so-loved my time with him!! In fact, in that short week I was able to get quite accustomed to him being a couple blocks away and able to hang out whenever I wanted! I tried to convince him to just stay in the US and not show up for work the next week, but he told me that would be a bad idea. Ah well. :)

Before he left to go back we all got together with my camera and the self timer and took some pictures. It was a rather comical event and we ended up with lots of goofy pictures that only we will love, but I wanted to show you a couple of my favorites!






It kinda sucks that I wont get to see him for another 1.5-2 years, but I enjoyed every single moment of him being home!!

P.S. Yes, I am aware that I have not had a Christmas post yet. I really do have pictures. I promise. I have just been taking my time getting back in the swing of things! I will do my best to show you a glimpse of our Christmas sometime in the near future! (aka: next week)

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