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Thursday, 10 February 2011 21:00


This post explains the birthing experience of my second child. It is not ridiculously graphic, but it does use words like "amniotic fluid" and "water breaking" and "gushing" and "mucous plug". Not awful words, but if you are repulsed by birth or hearing me talk about these things I suggest you just skip to the pictures at the end of the post. :)

Preface: When I was pregnant with Zachariah my water broke two weeks before my due date. It was nothing like what I thought it would be. In the movies when a pregnant woman's water would break she would be standing around and all of a sudden grab her stomach and hunch over and say, "Honey! My water just broke!" And then within milliseconds she will go into full on labor. Well, that did not happen with Z. Once I lost my mucous plug I knew that labor would not be too far away. Two days after I lost it I woke up wondering if I had peed the bed. I had no clue if my water had actually broken. I had to sniff it (yes, i know, gross) to see if it smelled like pee or cleaning products. Luckily it smelled like cleaning products, which is a sure fire sign that its amniotic fluid, not pee. After I determined that is what actually happened, I got in the shower then went to the doctors office so they could be sure. There was no rush. I kept having a "trickling" of my water breaking, no gushing. I did not feel a single contraction the whole time i was in labor. I got an epidural once I got to the hospital and that was that. My labor was about 11 hours, I stayed at 3cm for at least six of those hours and I only pushed for 20 minutes. Nothing Hollywood-esque about that whole experience. It was amazingly easy and relatively drama free.

Fast forward three-ish years to THIS birthing experience...

2:45pm: Zachariah and I were laying on the couch watching The Backyardigans. He had been VERY emotional day for Z and we just needed some cuddle/chill time. We had been on the couch for about an hour and I was starting to time out my contractions to see if they were still the obnoxious Braxton Hicks I had been experiencing for months or if they were possibly turning into the real thing. They were becoming a bit more uncomfortable, but not painful. A bit more regular, but nothing to write home about. Every now and then the contractions would be 15 minutes apart and then it would wait another half hour before doing anything. They had been doing this for the past week, so I wasn't getting too excited.

3:45: We had been on the couch watching tv for about an hour when all of a sudden I heard what sounded (and felt) like a rubber band popping. (I had read how some women experience the rubber band popping noise, but since my water "trickled" with Zachariah, I just assumed that would happen again this time too.) As soon as I clued into what was happening my eyes got really big and I slowly let out an "Ohhhhhhh crap." Zachariah asked what was wrong and I said, "Oh... nothing!" as I hauled butt to the bathroom. Right as I hit the bathroom doorway my water officially broke. And by broke I mean exploded. Folks, this was CRAZY! My pants were instantly soaked and I plopped on the toilet and sat there hoping that it would slow down enough to let me go get my phone to call Daniel!

I waited a minute or two, slapped on a panty liner and waddle out to get my phone. Daniel is called, doctors office is called and my midwife tells me to get my things together and head to the hospital.

Roger that.

4:00: Daniel is home, our moms are being called and Daniel is running around helping me get some things gathered for Zachariah. I HAD his suitcase packed two weeks before hand, but once he heard it was time to go he unpacked the clothes and decided it needed to be filled with stuffed animals. *insert eye roll here* So while Daniel was re-packing that, I was sitting on the toilet trying to figure out how on earth I was going to get to the hospital without flooding our car! I had never imagined so much fluid coming out of me at such a record speed. It was DISGUSTING! Finally I just put a panty liner in my undies, wiggled into some jeans and waddled out to the car, hoping that most of the damage had been done at the house.

4:30-ish: We meet up with Daniel's mom at a gas station (we both needed gas in our cars, so hey, why not?) to drop off Zachariah. He is doing fine with the whole thing and is more excited about watching Daddy pump gas than the fact that we are having a baby. :) I am sitting in the car feeling more uncomfortable by the second. Contractions are getting even MORE uncomfortable, but still not quite what I would describe as painful. My water is still "breaking" at record speed. I keep checking the seat to see if I need to locate a flotation device, but all seems to be contained. For now.

4:45-ish: We arrive at the hospital. At this point my pants are 70% soaked and there is NO sign that I am going to stop leaking/gushing this stuff. And just in case you were wondering, it is ridiculously uncomfortable to walk in soaked jeans while 38 weeks pregnant. As we walk through the parking lot to the registration desk Daniel is making jokes. I am wanting to laugh, because they were funny jokes, but I was so dadgum uncomfortable that all I could do was stare straight ahead and try not to focus on everything that was coming out of me. And that would soon be coming out of me. (Sorry. Was that too much? Oh well. We all know that babies come outof women, right? I mean, they dont stay there forever!)

We finally make it to the second floor and walked up to the registration desk. The woman is assisting someone else and asks us to have a seat. I almost laughed in her face. We tell her my water broke and she picks up the pace a bit. But still has to finish with that other person, so tells us to have a seat and she will be with us as soon as she can. Again, if I weren't so uncomfortable I would have laughed. Sit? In THIS? No thanks, I'll stand. After five minutes of us waiting she tells us it will be another fifteen minutes. I rolled my eyes as more fluid came gushing out into my pants. I then pulled out my phone and tweeted, "Yeah. I was just told i will have to wait 15min in labor and delivery waiting room. Um. Ok. It's your carpet..." At this point the contractions started to pick up . I caught myself swaying back and forth during the contractions to try and keep my mind off them. They were getting a bit painful now and with every contraction came a new "gush" of fluid. Fabulous.

5:15: We are finally registered and are now just waiting for the nurses to come back and get us when a room is ready. I started timing my contractions and they were coming about every four minutes. The pain was VERY noticeable and I had to brace myself on Daniel's arm during each one. Oh, and lets not forget the puddle I am making on the floor in that stupid waiting room.

5:30: Finally get in a room. I cant even describe to you how great it felt to get those jeans off. And I wont describe to you the mess that awaited me when taking them off. But its suffice to say that just about everything I was wearing from the waist down got thrown away. Ew. My midwife came in and checked me almost immediately and I was 4cm dilated and 90% effaced. Contractions are getting to the point where I had to zone out and focus on not making a scene about the pain. I could still talk through them, but I wasn't paying attention to much else while the contraction was going on. The monitor they had on me to monitor the contractions wasn't working correctly, so it seemed that I was just super wimpy (which, I am.) Cracked me up after the fact, but during I was a bit frustrated that I was experiencing this pain for what seemed like a wimpy contraction!!!

(At this point I was checking my phone every so often and reading all the sweet tweets, texts and facebook comments. And even though I didn't respond, I read every single one.:)

I am waiting on an IV bag of fluids to get in my system and for my labs to come back before I can get the epidural. The epidural slowed down my labor a good bit with Z, so I wanted to try to go longer than 3cm before I got one. I had also been tossing around the idea of trying to go without, but honest to goodness I did not mentally prep enough to do it this time. Maybe next time though!

6:15: Contractions are pretty much killing. I can't talk through them and I am having to squeeze Daniel's hand and basically bury my head into a pillow during them. In between contractions I am pitching a fit to Daniel about how I hate labor and I hate contractions and this pain SUCKS and how I never want to do this again. I also bang my head against the rail of the bed a few times out of anger. (Yeah. I am a tad bit dramatic.) Somewhere in here my mom texts me to let me know she and my dad have arrived at the hospital and I told her that she is not safe to come back yet. For her own safety I told her to wait till the epidural. I was a PILL.

7:00: FINALLY got that stinkin epidural. At this point I am about 6cm dilated and in PAIN. (by the way, this is the point where I just about convinced myself I could never make it all the way through child birth without the drugs. The contractions were not floating my boat.) The epidural did not numb me completely like it did with Z and I was still able to move my legs feet and toes. The contractions never went away completely, but I did not feel a lot of pain anymore. Just pressure. I can handle the pressure, so I tell my parents they can come back now.

8:00: My midwife comes in and chit chats with us for a bit. Asks if I am in pain, I say no but I am feeling a bit more pressure than I was a few minutes ago. She checks me and I am 10cm dilated and ready to push. And she can see the head of the baby. And he has hair. Can I get a what what?! I was floored. It seemed like we had JUST settled into the room and now I was ready to have a baby? Yes, that is my kind of awesome. She preps the bed and whatnot while Daniel texts his mom to let her know I am about to start pushing. (She had Zachariah's duty, remember? She was already on her way to the hospital, but it was going to be a close call!)

8 something: At this point I have no idea what the time frame is. I just know that the bed was prepped, my midwife got herself ready and then started giving me and Daniel instructions on what to do. I give two big pushes, 3-5 small grunt type pushes and then the baby was OUT. I was done. The pushing probably took five minutes top.

8:31: Micaiah is here! He was a hefty 8lbs 8oz (and as I was pushing I could totally tell he was bigger than his 6lb 15oz brother!!) and 21 inches long. The cord was wrapped loosely around his neck two times, but there was never any danger. My midwife took care of that and all was well. He made the nurses a bit uneasy because he took so long to cry, and even when he DID cry it wasn't for long. Turns out he just isnt much of a crier (unless he is hungry, of course).

Oh, and as a funny aside... Pretty soon after I delivered Micaiah, Lynette (my midwife) saw the cord was very loosely wrapped around his neck (more like a necklace hangs around someones neck. It wasn't tight at all.) and she was telling Daniel/the nurse/whoever else how many times it was wrapped around. She would say, "two, its two." and then Micaiah moved and it looked like it was only around there once, so she started to say, "No... one" and then before she finished that sentence she changed it back to "Nope, it's two." But I wasn't down there seeing this, so I had no clue that they were talking about the cord. So when I have just pushed a baby out and I hear a debate about there being one or two, I kinda freaked out. I loudly said, "Will you people STOP saying two?!". Daniel eventually realized why I had such a problem with it and then found it pretty funny. :)

So yeah. Everything went off without a hitch. The epidural wasn't too strong and I was still able to feel how and when to push. I was even able to get up and walk an hour or so afterwards! I couldn't imagine a labor and delivery going smoother than Zachariah's did, but this one just blew my mind. I NEVER would have imagined my labor lasting less than five hours. The Lord has really blessed me with not one, but two great labor experiences and for that I am SO thankful!


The rest of the post consists of pictures and pictures only, so all of you who went into hiding at the first sighting of the phrase "amniotic fluid" may come out now and gaze upon the wonder that is my new baby boy. :)









Being a family of four suits us quite nicely, don't you think? ;)

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